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Creazioni di Valentina Moretti

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Van Gogh





Hearts, Crosses, Stars

Loose Beads

Carnevale Beads

Exposed Gold

Paint Drip

Luna Beads

Lentils, Discs, Coins

Twists, Spirals & Leaves



Jackson Pollock

Onion Beads

Art Beads: Klimt, Miro, etc.

Sparkle Beads/Scintillare

Decorative Beads


Greek Keys

King Tut

Diva Beads



Cracked Gold and Silver



Cubes, Rectangles & Squares

Curved Beads & Tubes

Doppio Cono (Double Cones)

Millefiori, Mosaics, Pastel "Lace"

Blown Beads



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Phoenician Heads; Pendants & Necklaces

Vintage Murano Glass Flowers & Leaves

Vintage Murano Glass Small Flowers

Vintage Murano Glass Small Leaves

Vintage Murano Glass Large Leaves

Murano Art Glass


Pandora Style Earrings, Sterling Silver

Circles / Links

Black Necklaces




New and Old

Teardrop Shaped Beads

Vintage Murano Beads



Large Focal Beads

One of a Kind

Leonardo da Vinci


Handmade, Gold Fish shaped pendant, with 24 Karat Gold foil inside

24 Kt. Gold and Crystal 8mm Baroque Round Necklace

Vintage, Murano Glass, Red and Black Stripe, 24 Kt Gold, Red Bead Necklace

Black or Chocolate Swirl and 24 Kt. Gold Foil Rectangles; click on photo to choose color and length.

Vintage Satinato Gold and Silver Foil Necklace

20mm Button earrings with foil inside

20mm Button earrings with "Swirls" of Color

Twist shaped beads, with 24 Karat Gold foil inside

12-14mm "Melon" beads, with 24 Karat Gold foil inside

Round "Satinato" bead with 24 Karat Gold foil inside

11mm Cube Shaped Earrings, with 24 Karat Gold foil inside

Round, 24 Kt. Gold Foil Venetian beads with Swirls; click for choice of color & size

14mm Gold with Red & Black stripe

Round Gold foil & shiny Crystal Earrings; 3 Sizes

Graduated, Round, Millefiori bead necklace

Silver Foil, Bright Aqua Base, Millefiori Beads

Millefiori on Black, small Venetian Glass "candy" discs

Bracelet to match N-26, 8mm Millefiori beads

Millefiori, two 8mm round,dangle earrings

Millefiori_Two Round Beads_8mm and 12mm Earrings

Millefiori_Traditional_Three Bead Dangle-Earrings

Twist Venetian bead earrings: Topaz, Grigio, or Pink

Vintage, Black Fiorato Flowered Venetian Bead Necklace

Amethyst and 24 Karat Gold Squares

Vintage,"Fiorato", flowered, Black Venetian bead earrings

Amethyst cube shaped earrings

12mm Round Aventurina Bead Earrings

Millefiori-12mm Round_Pastel Venetian Lace-Earrings

Vibrant Red and Gold Foil, 10-11 MM Round Necklace

Cobalt Blue and Foil, 10MM Round Necklace

Multicolored, Arlecchino Gold Foil, 10MM Round, Necklace; Available in 2 Lengths.

Multicolored, Arlecchino, Mat Finish, Gold Foil Necklace; available in 2 lengths.

The Classic Necklace with 24 Karat Gold Foil, 10MM Round, Venetian Beads.

Gold Classic 11mm Necklace with 24 Karat Gold Foil, in Mat finish; Available in 2 lengths

Luna Red Cubes with Gold and Silver Foil, Venetian Bead Necklace.

Champagne Pink Aventurina Discs

Blue Aventurina Discs

Amethyst, Silver Foil Twists

Lime Green, Silver Foil Twists

Silver Foil Twist Necklaces, in 2 lengths; On Sale

Elegant 24 Karat Gold Foil Square Necklace

Gold Foil, 4 Colored, Triangle shaped, Venetian Bead Necklace

Vintage Striped White, Topaz and 24 Kt. Gold Necklace

Gold Foil, 21mm Square, Venetian Bead Earrings

Missoni Style Square Earrings

"Foglia" (Leaf) Venetian Bead Earrings

Magnificent Moliere, Venetian Bead Necklace

Vintage Garnet Red and Cracked Gold

Pink Fenice, 10MM, Venetian Bead Necklace

Curved Gold Foil, Gemmato Beads

"Moliere", 20mm, Venetian bead Square Earrings

Murano Glass, Seed Bead Earrings.

Pink "Fenice" dangle Earrings

Black Mine Bead Earrings

Gemmato, 20mm Earrings

Chevron, Open Heart, 35x35mm

Millefiori Medium Heart, 25x25mm

Millefiori Small Heart, 18x18mm

Millefiori Small Cross, 23x18mm

Millefiori Medium Cross, 30x20mm

Millefiori, Large Multicaned Cross, 40x30mm

Stars, 25mm

Cobalt Blue with White Stars

Large, Multicolored "Lace" Cross, 40x30mm

Millefiori, Medium, Multicolored "Lace" Cross, 30x20mm

Millefiori, Small, Multicolored "Lace" Cross, 23x18mm

Millefiori, Small, Multicolored "Lace" Heart, 18mm

Millefiori, Medium, Multicolored "Lace" Heart, 25-26mm

"Baby" Foil Heart dangle Earrings

Large 32mm White Gold, Swirl Heart

Round, 37mm "Night Sky" & 24 Karat Gold Pendant

Large Round, Millefiori Pendant

Triangle Millefiori Pendant

A Free-Form Shape Pendant

Two Fish Pendant

Three Fish Pendant

One Fish Clear Pendant

Heart Shaped Pendant

Medium Fish Paperweight, Limited # in stock

Twisted Foglia Oro, Alabaster, available in 2 colors

3 Colored, Gold & Silver Foil Cube Necklace

"Missoni" Style Squares with Black and Topaz

Oval Exposed Gold Beaded, Black Necklace

Aurora Square Venetian Beads; click on photo for choice of Aqua or Cranberry

Venetian Glass Cubes:Red, Olive, Amethyst

Aventurina, 8mm, Vintage Necklaces; 17 inches

Aventurina, 8mm Round, Venetian Bead Bracelets

Murano Glass Klimt Style Bead Necklace

Periwinkle, Olive, Bronze, Three Colored Square, Venetian Beads

Vintage 24 Karat Gold Foil Twist Shaped Venetian Bead Necklace, 30 Inches

Red and Gold Foil 3 Strand Necklace

Solid Red and Gold foil Venetian glass bead earrings.

2 Strand "Cracked" Gold & Turquoise Necklace, Can be Worn 3 Different Ways

"Exposed Gold" small flat cube, Venetian Beads.

Arlecchino 11mm Cube Venetian Bead Necklace.

Alessandro Baby Twists, 3 Strand Necklace

"Baby" Twist, Venetian bead earrings.

Venetian bead earrings, Topaz Murano Glass.

"Monet's Lily Pad", 16mm Disc Earrings

Arlecchino, Venetian 16mm Alabaster Cube Bead Necklace

Spectacular rainbow of large, 21mm, two-toned, Murano glass discs with foil

Two-toned, large foil discs of Murano glass, are used in these Venetian bead earrings

Small Fish Paperweight, Limited # in stock

Klimt Style, Large 20mm Square Venetian Bead Necklace

Millefiori, Multicaned, Medium Cross, 30x20mm

Millefiori Multicaned Heart, 25mm

Texas Shaped Millefiori Pendant

Millefiori, Multicaned, Multicolor, Pastel "Lace" Cross, 30x20mm

Millefiori, Multicaned, Multicolor, Pastel "Lace" Heart, 25mm

Millefiori, Medium, Multicaned, Crosses, 30x20mm

Millefiori, Medium, Multicaned Hearts, 25mm

Vintage Striped Black, Topaz, 24 Kt. Gold Necklace

Gold Foil Triangle Earrings

Large, 32mm Gold Foil Heart Pendant with Colored Swirls

Medium,1 inch, Hearts; Click on Add to Basket for Choice

Murano Art Glass Tiles

Three Colored Twist Necklace

Green & Cobalt Blue Stripe Venetian Bead Earrings

Earrings to Match Silver Foil Necklaces

Rubino Platino & Champagne Pink

Rubino Platino & Champagne Bracelet

Rubino Platino & Champagne Pink Square Earrings

Phoenician Heads, Large Pendants

Phoenician Heads, Medium Pendants

Phoenician Heads, Small Pendants

Phoenician Head Necklace, Cobalt Blue

Murano Glass Necklace, Black & Gold "Greek Key" Design

Black "Swirl" Murano Glass Cube Necklace

White and Gold Foil Regal Necklace

"Klimt" Style, Square, Venetian Bead Necklace.

"Exposed Gold" Vibrant Red Venetian Glass Necklace

Red, Black, and Gold, 14mm Round Venetian Beads

Opaque Lime Green Flowers, 11mm

Dark Green Flowers, 10mm_Only-1-Left

Small Frangia Turquoise Leaves

Small Turquoise Leaves

Light Aqua Small Leaves_Only-2-Left

Yellow Gold Small Leaves_Only-4-Left

Light Varigated Coral Small Leaves

Smallest Two Colored Red Leaves

Small Two Colored Red Leaves

Small White Leaves

Red Orange Veined Large Leaves

Ametista Large Leaves

Round Graduated Millefiori Necklace with Gold

Round Avorio Oro Pendant and Seed Beads.

Small Round Viola Pendant on Seed Bead Necklace.

Red Reticello, Oro Seed Bead Necklace

Red, Dark Red, Gold Foil Pendant with Red Seed Bead Necklace

Rose Pendant and Seed Bead Necklaces

Circle Pendant, Crystal and Gold, with Ivory Seed Beads

Animal Print, Brown Giaguaro Large Pendant with Topaz Seed Beads

Silver, Red, Gold Pendant on Red Seed Beads

Rosso Spirale con Oro, on Nero Cord

Python Print Pendant on Black Cord

Gold or Silver Circle Pendants on Black Cords

Blue and Green Murano Glass Long Necklace

Dark Amethyst and Greenish Charcoal

Jaguar Black and Silver Earrings

Python Disc Earrings

Millefiori Mosaic Large Multicaned Heart Pendants

Gold "Paint Drip" Earrings, 2 Sizes

Three Strand Pink Necklace

Pink, Ivory and Gold Long Necklace.

Pink, "Cracked Gold" Spiral Earrings

14mm Pink "Fenice" Bead Earrings

"Monet's Lily Pad" Beads on Sterling Silver Link Chain

"Monet" Blue 12mm Round Venetian Bead Earrings

"Cracked Gold" & Pink Small Rectangle Earrings

Silver Foil and Black Swirl; click on photo for 2 lengths

Oval, Gold "Paint Drip" Venetian Bead Necklace

Oval "Paint Drip" Venetian Bead Earrings

Red & Gold 2 strand Venetian bead necklace

"King Tut" Earrings

White & 24 Karat Gold "King Tut" Necklace

White "King Tut" Earrings

"Fenice" Venetian Beads, 11-12mm Multicolored

"Fenice" Venetian Beads, 14mm Multicolor

Pink Fenice 14mm Earrings

"Fenice" 12mm Earrings

"Fenice" Venetian Bead Earrings, 12 & 14mm beads

"Fenice" 2 Colored Venetian Bead Earrings

Topaz Fenice 12mm Beads

Topaz "Fenice" Earrings

Filigrana Red, Blue, Green, Gold Tassel Necklace

"Filigrana" Dopio Cono Earrings

"Filigrana" round 12mm Earrings

"Scintillare" Blue, Aqua, Orange, Violet Venetian Beads

"Scintillare" Tube Earrings

"Diva" Venetian Bead Necklace with Tassel

"Diva" Round Venetian Bead Earrings

Black and Silver Giguaro (Jaguar) Necklace

Avorio Screpolato Oro

"Diva" Venetian Cube Earrings

Alabaster, Blue, Green and Gold Foil Beads

Red, Black, Gold Foil and Alabaster Beads

Red Cube Shaped Earrings

Red, Gold, Black, Abstract Venetian Bead Necklace

Red Square Venetian Bead Earrings with Gold and Black

Red Round Abstract Design Venetian Bead Earrings

Missoni 3 Strand Necklace

Missoni Large Oval Bead Necklace

Short "Missoni" oval, mat finished, Venetian bead necklace.

Periwinkle Blue, Rubino, Oro Long, Venetian Bead Necklace

Periwinkle Blue, Rubino, Oro Necklace with a Heart

Periwinkle Blue, Rubino, Oro, Long Oval Earrings

Two Strand 24 Karat Gold Foil & Crystal, Venetian Bead Necklace

Two Strand "Luna" Diagonal, Venetian Bead Necklace

Gold and Crystal 14mm Round Venetian Beads

Lagoon Green Square Beads with Black Lines.

Lagoon Green Squares, Black Lines & Gold Foil Earrings

Earrings of Lagoon Green Squares with Black Lines

"Exposed Gold" small square earrings

Multicolored "Exposed Gold" Square Venetian Beads

Earrings, Large "Exposed Gold" Squares

Two Strand Black & 24 Karat Gold Foil Necklace

Three Strand Black & 24 Karat Gold Foil Necklace

Klimt Style Earrings in 2 Sizes

Black & Gold Tassel Necklace with "Greek Key"

"Luna" Squares with Gold, Silver, Aventurina

"Luna" Earrings to Match AL-112-D

Black "Luna" Diagonals & Squares with Gold & Silver Foil, & Aventurina

Black "Luna" Diagonal Shaped Venetian Bead Earrings

Earrings, Topaz & Gold Venetian Bead Teardrops

Topaz & Gold Large "Twist" Venetian Bead Earrings

Topaz & Gold 14mm "Paint Drip" Venetian Bead Earrings

"Arlecchino" 12mm Round Venetian Bead Necklace

Small Multicolored 8mm Foil Cube Necklace

Multicolored Foil, 11mm Venetian Bead Cubes on Silver

Multicolored "Skinny" Rectangles with Foil

14mm Round Alabaster Venetian Glass Necklace with Aventurina

Earrings with 3 Small 8mm, Cube Shaped Venetian Beads

12mm Round Venetian Bead Earrings

14mm Alabaster & Aventurina Venetian Bead Earrings

Large assorted 20mm Venetian Bead Squares with Gold

Large Assorted 20mm Venetian Bead Squares with Silver

Large 23mm Disc, Venetian Bead Necklace

Earrings to Match AL-123-A and B, 20mm Square Venetian Beads

Large 23mm Disc Venetian Bead Earrings

Carnevale 16 MM Square

Carnevale 26mm Ovals

Carnevale 26mm Lozenge

Dark Carnevale 14mm Round

Exposed Gold 20 MM Large Squares

Small Exposed Gold Squares

Exposed Gold Large, 30-32mm Ovals

Exposed Gold Medium, 26-28mm Ovals

Exposed Gold Disc, Pink, Rubino Oro & White,Only_3_Beads_Left

Exposed Gold 10mm Round

"Paint Drip" 26mm Ovals

"Paint Drip" 10mm Round

"Paint Drip" 14mm Round

"Paint Drip" 18mm Round

Graduated Triangle Beads

Luna 12mm Round

Luna 20 MM Squares

Luna Twists 32mm

Luna 21 MM Diagonals

Luna Extra Large 30 MM Squares

Luna Extra Large Flat Oval Discs

Lentils, 12-13mm with Foil

Raspberry, Cranberry and Pink Squares

Large "Candy" Millefiori Disc Necklace, style B, with Gold, 24 Inches

Large "Candy" Millefiori Disc Necklace, style C, with Silver, 24 Inches

Aqua_Silver Foil_Millefiori 14mm Earrings

White Mosaic Lace Necklace

Aventurina, White Gold Foil Lentils

Striped 13mm Lentils with Black Lines

Striped 20mm Discs with Black Lines & Gold Foil

Silver Discs with Black Eyes

Large Black 26mm Disc

Black & White Mosaic 21 MM Murano Glass Disc

Blue, Silver Foil & Alabaster Glass, 17mm Lentils

Red Striped & White Gold Foil; Now on Sale, Large

Swirl Twists, 24MM, Was $5.38, Now $4.98

Large, 32mm Swirl Twists, Was $6.99, Now $6.59

White, Gold Flowers, Green Leaves, Necklace

"Fine" Millefiori 8mm Round

Miro Tassel Necklace

"Miro" Cabochon, Button Earrings

Red, Skinny Rectangle, Venetian Bead earrings

"Missoni" striped Discs, 24mm

Abstract Medium 17mm Black Lentils

Large Abstract 24mm Discs

Millefiori 18mm Heart Earrings

Millefiori Lace 18mm Heart Earrings

Millefiori 23mm Cross Earrings

Millefiori Pastel Lace Cross Earrings

Millefiori Fine-Quality-14mm Cube Earrings

Millefiori 12mm_Fine-Quality-Round Earrings

Millefiori_Fine-Quality- 2 Bead Dangles

Millefiori, Fine Quality, Teardrop Dangle Earrings, Style a. and Style b.

Millefiori, Fine Quality, Teardrop and Round Earrings

Millefiori, Fine Quality, 14mm Round Earrings

Millefiori 12mm-Fine-Quality-Round Earrings

Millefiori Hearts and Rounds Dangle Earrings

Millefiori Pastel Lace_Heart and Round Earrings

Millefiori, Cabochon Button Earrings in 2 Sizes, Click on photo for choices and prices.

Millefiori, Pastel Lace Cabochon Earrings, in 2 sizes, Click on Photo for Choices and Prices

Millefiori Large 20x30mm Oval Clip Earrings

Millefiori 14x20mm Oval Cabochons

Millefiori Traditional 14mm Round Earrings

Millefiori Traditional Ovals 22x13mm Earrings

Millefiori Rectangle Earrings

Millefiori Red Oval Earrings

"Baby" Millefiori red heart earrings

"Baby" Black Millefiori Heart Earrings

"Baby" Millefiori Crystal Heart Earrings

Silver Cubes with Dots of Color Necklace

Silver Foil Cube Bracelet

Silver Foil Cube Earrings, with Dots of Color

Gemmato Red Heart

Periwinkle, Rubino, Oro 30mm Disc

Periwinkle, Rubino, Oro 40mm Oval

Periwinkle, Rubino, Oro 18mm Round

Perinwinkle, Rubino, Oro 28x18 Dopio Cono

Periwinkle, Rubino, Oro 27mm Heart

Foil 21mm Discs: Rubino-Oro, Aqua, Gold or Red

Fenice 10mm Round

Fenice 14mm Round

Fenice 18mm Round

Red Small Leaves

Millefiori Fine 21mm Gold Foil Disc Necklace

Millefiori Fine Large 46x26mm Oval Tassel Necklace

Millefiori Fine Pastel Lace Necklace

Two Toned 21mm Discs

Two Toned 14mm Lentils

20 MM Gold Foil, "Missoni" Striped Square, with Black & Topaz, or White & Topaz

Large, Dark Purple, 27mm Disc with Abstract Silver

"Skinny Rectangles", 21x8 MM, with Swirls & Gold Foil

"Skinny Rectangles", 21x8 MM, with Swirls & Silver Foil

Flat Cubes with Swirls & Gold Foil

Flat Cubes with Swirls and Silver Foil

10x10MM Cubes with Black Swirls & Gold Foil

Large, Onion Shaped Bead, with Aqua, Topaz, Lime Green, ON SALE

Large,Onion Bead, 20 MM Square, with Aqua, Topaz, Lime Green, ON SALE

Onion Bead 24mm Discs, with Aqua, Topaz, Lime Green, ON SALE

Onion Bead, 15mm Coin, with Aqua, Topaz, Lime Green, ON SALE

Large, Onion Shaped Bead with Red & White, ON SALE

Onion Bead 15mm Red Coin, ON SALE

One Fish, Gold Foil

One Fish, Silver Foil

Open Heart, Red

Open Heart, Crystal & Gold

Daisy "Lace" Pendants

Lime Green "Lace" Pendants

Aqua "Lace" Cross & Heart Pendants

Blue "Lace" Cross & Heart Pendants

Large Black, Silver, Aventurina Snake

Black Snake, Silver Foil, Aventurina, with Black Suede

Aqua, Silver Foil & Aventurina Snake Pendant

Aqua Snake, Silver Foil, Aventurina, with Black Suede

Amethyst Snake with Aventurina

Amethyst Snake, Aventurina with Black Suede

Pandora Style, Blue, Black, & Sterling Silver Earrings

Pandora Style, Pink, White, Silver Foil & Sterling Silver Earrings

"Missoni" Large Oval Mat Bead Necklace

Pandora Style, Amethyst, Turquoise & Sterling Silver Earrings

Pandora Style, Black, Gray, White, & Sterling Silver Earrings

Pandora Style, Gold Foil, Aventurina, & Sterling Silver Earrings

Pandora Style, Amethyst, Silver Foil, & Sterling Silver Earrings

Blue & Aventurina Snake Pendant

Blue and Aventurina Snake with Blue Suede

Millefiori Byzantine Style "Lace" Cross, 45mm

Millefiori Byzantine Pointed Cross, 45mm

Scintillare 26x12mm Ovals

Scintillare 20mm Round

Scintillare 20mm Tubes

Large 24x24 MM, Dopio Cono with Red, Blue, Green Stringers

10mm Round Foil Beads

12mm Round Gold Foil

Greek Key 24mm

Greek Key, 28mm

Topaz Greek Key, 26mm

Topaz, Crystal, & Gold Iridescent Greek Key, 38mm

Greek Key 15 MM Square

Luna Multicolored Large Diagonals Necklace

Red Luna Twists & Rounds

Luna Multicolored 21mm Squares Necklace

Gold Foil Leaves and Paint Drip Earrings

Large Gold Teardrop Earrings

Triangle & Round Earings

Lime Green & Blue, 15 MM Square

Fine Millefiori, 6mm Round Bracelet

"Fine" Millefiori 21mm Disc Bracelet

"Fine" Millefiori Teardrops, Rounds & Ovals

"Fine" Millefiori Diagonal Cube Bracelet

Traditional Millefiori Oval & Rd. Bracelet

Traditional Millefiori, 12mm Round Bracelet

Multicolored Flat Cubes with Swirls Bracelet

Black and Gold Foil Assorted Bead Bracelet

"King Tut" 17mm Striped, Gold Foil Cubes

King Tut, 26x13mm Large Tubes

King Tut 16x12mm Medium Drums

"Miro" Gold & Silver 14mm Round Necklace

"Miro" Earrings to match 506-F

"Miro" Gold & Silver, 32mm Heart Pendants

"Monet" Round 12mm Bead Bracelet

"Klimt" 20mm Square Bracelet

"Klimt" 20mm Clip Earrings

Klimt Tassel Square Necklace

"Diva", 12mm x 12mm Cubes

"Diva" 24mm Discs

"Diva" 20mm Hearts

Millefiori Fine Lace Ovals Rounds and Dopio Cono

Millefiori Pastel Lace-12mm Fine-Quality-Earrings

Fine Millefiori Pastel "Lace" Bracelet

"Klimt" 20 MM Squares

"Icicle" 14mm Translucent Round

"Miro" 14mm round

"Miro" 20mm Heart

"Fine" Millefiori 15x10mm Ovals, Silver or Gold

Millefiori Fine-Quality-15x10mm Oval Earrings

"Miro" Large 39mm Coin

"Miro" Large Ovals, 40x14mm,Red, Black, Gold

"Miro" 20 MM Cabochons (Button)

"Miro" Flat Ovals, 40mm, Red, Black, & Gold

"Miro" 38mm Flat Ovals, Blue,Red, Green, Gold

White & Silver Foil Paperweight

"Jackson Pollock" 21 MM Red & Black Squares

"Jackson Pollock" 28 MM Red & Black Squares

"Jackson Pollock" 24mm Gray & Black disc

Gemmato flat ovals 34x18mm

Gemmato Long Curved Tubes

Aqua and Cracked Gold Rectangle Necklace

Aqua Cracked Gold Earrings

Rubino Oro, Pink, Aventurina Necklace

Rubino Oro, Pink, Gold, Aventurina Earrings

Light Aqua, Aventurina Striped, Navette Necklace

Lt_Aqua_Striped Aventurina Navette Earrings

Black and White Gold Foil Flat Oval Necklace

Black & White Gold Earrings

Lt_Aqua 12mm Round Aventurina Earrings

"Baby" Foil Twists

"Cracked Gold" Small Twists with Extra Color

Foil Coins, 13mm

"Baby" Foil 15mm Triangles

Medium Triangles

"Mine" Beads, 14mm Foil Beads

"Cracked Gold" Spirals with Extra Color

Ventolina Foglia Oro

Medium Twists, Gold & Silver

Medium Twists, Lime Green & Blue

Large Foil Twists

"Baby" Foil Leaves

Millefiori 24 Inch -61cm - Round 8mm Red Background Necklace

Millefiori 30 Inch -76cm- Round 8mm Crystal Clear Background Necklace

8mm Millefiori & Black Bracelet

8mm Millefiori & Red Bracelet

8mm Millefiori & Crystal Clear Bracelet

8mm Millefiori & "Black, Black" Bracelet

Cobalt Blue Small Leaves

Light Pink Large Leaves

Light Blue Large Leaves

Blue Opaque Large Leaves

Gemmato Klimt 21mm Gold Discs

Three Colored Foil 22mm Discs; Amethyst, Lime Green, & Periwinkle Blue

Large "Cracked Gold" Rectangle, 25x19mm, with Aqua or Topaz

12MM Round "Cracked Gold", with White or Aqua

12MM Gold Foil with Stripes

Aventurina, Gold, 22mm Discs, with Black or Red Swirls

Aventurina, Gold Ovals, 26x15mm, with Black or Red Swirls

Aventurina, Gold 14mm, with Black or Red Swirls

Frosted Navettes with Aventurina, 40x15mm; Champagne Pink or White

Frosted, Aventurina, Filigrana 20 MM Squares, in Champagne Pink or White

Frosted 12MM Round Aventurina, Filigrana, in Champagne Pink or in White

Navette with Filigrana: Aqua or Orange

12MM Round with Filigrana in Aqua or Orange

Black 16MM with Aqua/Cobalt/Lime Green/Lt.Blue

Black 20 MM Square "Pillow" with Gold & Silver, was $7.70, Sale $6.90

Black & Platino Unique Shaped Flat Ovals

Large Gold Tubes with Blue Roses, 26x15mm

Turquoise "Feather" Twist with 2 designs

Turquoise "Feather" Oval with 2 designs

Gold "Tree" with Black & Ivory

Pollock 20mm Aqua, Topaz, Black, Silver Squares

"Damasco" Aventurina 21mm Squares

"Cracked Gold" & Black Lentils, 14mm

Double Swirls of Rubino-Pink or Aqua-Lime, 17mm Lentil

Double Swirls, Rubino Oro & Pink, Large 35MM Disc

Double Swirls, Aqua & Lime Green, Large 35MM Discs

Twisted Pink & Rubino Oro 42 MM Curved Tube

Black, White, & Silver, 42 MM Curved Tube

Tri-Colored Curved Tubes, Rubino, Gold, Amethyst

Tri-Colored Curved Tubes , Topaz, Gold, & Black

Twisted Black, Topaz, Gold Curved Tubes

S Beads, Curved Tubes

Aurora, Striped Ivory, Turquoise, Rubino Curved Tubes

Aurora Stripes, Violet, Blue, Green, Rubino Curved Tubes

Gold Foil, Baroque Curved Tubes. 43x13mm

White & Black Curved Tubes with Gold Foil, 38x12mm

Curved "Wave" Bead, 44x26mm

Bracelet_Black Swirl Cubes and Gold Foil

Red and Gold Abstract Bracelet


Red Heart Necklace

Multicolored Hearts, Silver Necklace

Emerald Green and Foil, Curved Bead Necklace

Bright Aqua, Foil, Curved Bead Necklace

"Sbruffi" 12mm Round Foil Earrings

Tangerine Aventurina Striped Navette Necklace

Tangerine-Aventurina Earrings_choice of Rounds or Navettes

"Zafira" 24mm Discs

"Zafira" 14mm Round

Alabaster & Aventurina 14mm Rounds

Dopio Cono, 15 MM with Foil

Rubino & White Gold Abstract Rectangles

Aqua, Topaz, Gold Foil Abstract Rectangles

Topaz & Black, Gold Foil, Abstract Rectangle

Millefiori Disc Fine-Quality Earrings

"Picasso" Face Necklace

Gray, Black, Aventurina, White Gold Foil Disc Necklace

Red, Black , Gold & Silver Foil Square Necklace

Gray Disc Earrings

Red & Black Square Venetian Bead Earrings

8mm Round, Baroque, "Mellone"

Gold & Crystal Eyeglass Holder

Black, Gold & Crystal Eyeglass Holder

Platino & Crystal Eyeglass Holder

Lime Green Eyeglass Holder

Rubino Platino Eyeglass Holder

Red Eyeglass Holder

Millefiori Eyeglass Holder

Gold Classic 30 Inch, Venetian Bead Necklace with 24 Karat Gold Foil

Millefiori 8mm Fine Quality Round Earrings

Aqua and Blue Necklace with Gold and Silver Foil, and Aventurina

Abstract 21 MM Red Squares with Black Lines & Gold Foil

Red, 14mm with Black Lines & Gold Foil

Salmon, Black, Gold & Silver Foil Rectangles

Baby Oro Hearts

Baby Silver Foil Hearts

Baby Swirl Hearts

Red Baby Millefiori Hearts

Large Cobalt Blue Hearts

Large Gold Foil Hearts

Large Red Foil Hearts

Large Aqua Foil Hearts

Large Amber Foil Hearts

Large Red Swirl, Gold Foil Heart

Large Black Swirl, Gold Foil Hearts

Large Red Swirl, White Gold Foil Hearts

Double Hearts, Aqua & Gold Foil

Double Hearts, Red & Gold Foil

Double Hearts, Crystal & Gold Foil

Miro Hearts, Red, Green, Gold Foil

Alabaster Hearts, 21mm, Alexandrite

Alabaster Hearts, 21mm, Amethyst

Alabaster Hearts, 21mm, Bluino

Alabaster Hearts, 21m,Garnet Red

Alabaster Hearts, 21mm Rubino Pink

Alabaster Hearts, 21mm, Turquoise Blue

Black Abstract, Gold & Silver Foil Heart

"Missoni" Rubino Oro Hearts with Gold Foil & Black Lines

"Missoni" Hearts with Teal-Green, Amethyst, Gold Foil, & Black

Grande Hearts, Turquoise & "Cracked Gold"

Grande Hearts, Black & "Cracked Gold" Foil

Grande Hearts, Red Swirls & Gold Foil

Millefiori Heart with Hole

"Lace" Pastel Millefiori Heart with Hole

"Missoni" Grande Hearts, Rubino Oro, Gold, Black Lines

Fuchsia Pink & Blue "Lace" Pendants

Small Pink & "Cracked Gold" Rectangle, 15x11x6mm

Small Turquoise & "Cracked Gold" Rectangle, 15x11x6mm

Small Topaz & "Cracked Gold" Rectangle, 15x11x6mm

Small Red Rectangle & "Cracked Gold", 15x11x6mm

Small Amethyst Rectangle & "Cracked Gold", 15x11x6mm

Small Rubino Oro Rectangle & "Cracked Gold", 15x11x6mm

Black Vein Rounds in Amber & Lime Green

Abstract Black Vein Round in Aqua, Amethyst & Blue

Turquoise "Cracked Gold" Flat Cubes, 14mm x 7mm deep

Black "Cracked Gold", Flat Cubes, 12mm x 7mm deep

White "Cracked Gold" Flat Cubes, 12mm x 7mm deep

Klimt's The Kiss, Blown Glass, Topaz Tube Necklace

Klimt's The Kiss, Blown Glass, Black Satinato Tube Necklace

Pink 20mm Fenice and Baby Cracked Gold Twist Necklace

Exposed Gold Periwinkle Blue and Amethyst Curved Tube Necklace

Modigliani's "Woman in Black Tie", Murano Glass Pendant

Modigliani Woman in Black Tie Pendant & Cord Necklace

Klimt's "Mother and Child" Pendant

Klimt Mother and Child Pendant and Cord Necklace

"Monet's Lily Pad", Oval & Round Venetian Beads

"Monet's Lily Pad" Necklace, Ovals & Rounds

Dark Carnevale 14mm Round Necklace

Dark Carnevale_14mm Earrings

"Onion Bead" short necklace

Kandinsky In the Black Circle Pendant and Cord Necklace

Kandinsky's "In the Black Circle", Murano Glass Pendant

Millefiori, 24 Inch, Oval Bead Necklace

Vibrant Red, Lentil Beads with Black Lines

Red, Lentil Bead Earrings with Black Lines

Venetian Glass, Small Disc, Foil Spacers

Aventurina & Foil 10mm Rounds

12 MM Black Fancy Millefiori; Gold, White Gold, Aventurina

12 MM Red Fancy Millefiori; Gold, White Gold & Aventurina

12 MM Turquoise Fancy Millefiori; Gold, White Gold & Aventurina

Millefiori Fancy Black Ovals; Gold, White Gold, Aventurina

Millefiori Fancy Red Ovals; Gold, White Gold, Aventurina

Millefiori Fancy Turquoise Ovals; Gold, White Gold, Aventurina

Bright Aqua, Silver Foil, 24 MM, Millefiori Discs

Bright Aqua, Silver Foil, 14 MM Round Millefiori, Abstract

Bright Aqua, Large, 40mm, Silver Foil Millefiori Ovals

12 MM Round Traditional Style Black Millefiori

"Fine" Millefiori 21 MM Discs

"Fine" Millefiori Ovals, 13x8mm

"Fine" Millefiori 8 MM Round

"Fine" Millefiori 10 MM Round

Emerald Green Curved Tube Bracelet

Black, White, Gold, Curved Tube Bracelet

"Onion" Bead Squares & Coins Necklace

Rubino Oro or Celeste, Alabastro Twists

Black & Gray, Round 12mm Lace

White on White, Round 12mm Lace

Black, 9 Strands, Seed Bead Necklace, Silver Clasp

Black, 9 Strands, Seed Bead Necklace, Gold Clasp

White, 12 Strands, Seed Bead Necklace, Silver Clasp

Brown, 12 Strands, Seed Bead Necklace, Gold Clasp

Fancy Millefiori_Red_Gold_White-Gold_Aventurina Earrings

Fancy Millefiori_Black_Gold_Silver_Aventurina Earrings

Gold & Crystal Large Heart Pendants

Red & Gold Foil Large Heart Pendants

Venetian Glass Wrap Bracelet, Black

Venetian Glass Wrap Bracelet, Blue

Venetian Glass Wrap Bracelet, Pink

Venetian Glass Wrap Bracelet, White

Venetian Glass Wrap Bracelet, Red

Venetian Glass Wrap Bracelet, Yellow

Venetian Glass Wrap Bracelet, Green

Black & Gray, 20mm, Lace Pattern Disc

Round 14-18mm Venetian Art Bead Necklace

Millefiori Fine Red Ovals and Rounds with Gold and Aventurina

White Flowers with Aventurina, 10mm

Gray & Aventurina Flowers, 10mm

Black & Aventurina Flowers, 10mm

Gray Flowers with a tint of Blue, 10mm

Black, Aventurina, Red, Gold Foil Heart Pendant

Black, Aventurina, Red, Gold Foil Heart Pendant & Black Cord

Blown Multicolore 46x40 MM Discs

Blown Multicolore 65x33mm Ovals

Blown "Scudi" (Shield) Canna Murrina, with 2 holes; 1 on each side

Blown "Scudi" (Shield) Canna Murrina, with 1 hole at top

Blown "Scudi" (Shield) Canna Murrina, with 2 holes at top

Pale Pink and Crystal Flowers, 10mm

Red Translucent Flowers, 10mm

Red Flowers, 10mm

Dark Red Flowers, 10mm

Black Fiorato, 12 MM Round with Gold Foil

"Fine" Millefiori 12mm Round

"Fine" Millefiori 14mm Round

Millefiori, Fine Quality 14mm Round Earrings with Gold Seed Beads

Millefiori Fine-Quality-15x10mm Oval Earrings with Seed Beads

Millefiori 12mm Fine-Quality-Round Earrings with Seed Beads

Millefiori Rectangle Earrings with Silver Seed Beads

Millefiori Rectangle Earrings with Gold Seed Beads

Millefiori Fine-Quality-14mm Cube Shaped Earrings

Millefiori, Fine Quality, Large 23x12mm Teardrop Earrings

Millefiori Two Bead Round Dangle Earrings in Silver or Gold

Two Millefiori, Oval Bead, Dangle Earrings

Millefiori, Three Bead, Traditional Dangles with Gold Crown Spacers

Millefiori, Red Oval Earrings with Seed Beads

Millefiori Traditional Ovals 22x13mm with Seed Beads

Millefiori, two 8mm round, with seed beads

Gold Foil Gemmato Klimt 12mm Round Bead Necklace

Klimt Gemmato 12mm Round Earrings

Millefiori Fine 21mm Disc Necklace with Small Ovals

Rose Pink Large Leave

Yellow Small Leaves

Ivory Small Leaves

Rose Pendant, Gold Foil, Black Seed Bead Necklace

Rose, Gold Foil, Red Seed Bead Necklace

Rose, Silver Foil, Black Seed Bead Necklace

Orange-Red Small Leaves-Limited-Number-Left

Black Small Leaves

Red Veined Small Leaves_Limited-Number-Left

Aqua and Lime Green Necklace with 35mm Swirl Disc

Aqua and Lime Green Swirl Lentil Earrings

Baroque Round 8mm Arlecchino Necklace

Bright Orange Large Leaves

Rubino Large Leaves_Limited-Number-Left

Turquoise Large Leaves

White and Aventurina Small Leaves

Black and Aventurina Small Leaves

Artistic, "Abstract Painting", Murano Glass Necklace, 20mm Squares, 27 Inches

"Klimt" 15mm Square Venetian Bead Earrings

Klimt 10mm Venetian Bead Necklace

"Klimt" 10mm Venetian Bead Earrings

Very Light Amethyst, Murano Glass Large Leaves_Limited-Number-Left

3 Colored, Curved Bead Bracelet

Vintage Cobalt Blue Exposed Gold Venetian Bead Necklace:

Valentina Moretti 12mm Round Jackson Pollock Necklace

Valentina Moretti's 12mm Round "Jackson Pollock" Earrings

Valentina Moretti_Tapestry Octagon Shaped_ Red_Topaz Venetian Bead Bracelet

Valentina Moretti_Tapestry Octagon Shaped Venetian Bead Bracelet

Arlecchino "Exposed Gold", Oval Venetian Bead Necklace

Exposed Gold Periwinkle Blue, Amethyst Curved Tube Bracelet

Golden Yellow Flowers, 11mm

11MM Foil Cubes

"Missoni" Square Earrings in Topaz, Black, & Gold Foil

Toulouse-Lautrec's "Ambassadeurs", Murano Glass Pendant

Toulouse Lautrec Murano Glass Pendant & Cord Necklace

Van Gogh's "Starry Night" Murano Glass Pendant & Cord Necklace

Mucha's "Brunette", Murano Glass Art Pendant

Renoir's "The Dance at Bougival", Murano Glass Pendant

Renoir's "La Danse a Bougival" Pendant with Cord Necklace

Mucha's "Brunette", Murano Glass Pendant & Cord Necklace

"Picasso" Face Necklace, Reversible

Baby Twist Single Strand Multicolored Necklace

Satinato Mat Finish 14mm Round Arlecchino Venetian Bead Necklace

Satinato Mat Finish 12mm Round Arlecchino, Venetian Bead Necklace

Mat 12mm Round Gold Foil Arlecchino Bracelet

"Exposed Gold" Periwinkle Blue & Amethyst Oval Beads

"Baby: Gold Foil & Crystal Necklace

Venetian Glass, "teal" tube earrings

8 MM Foil Cubes

20 MM Large Foil Squares

11 MM Flat Cubes with Foil

8 MM Small Flat Foil Cubes

Large Red Heart and Multicolored "Baby" Hearts, Murano Glass Necklace

Black & Gray, 14mm Round, Lace Pattern

"Klimt" Gold Gemmato 12mm Round, Black Base Color

"Klimt" Gold Foil, Gemmato, 21mm Disc

"Klimt" Silver Foil, Gemmato 20mm Disc

"Klimt" Gold Foil, Gemmato, 23mm Disc

Gemmato Gold Foil, 26mm Ovals

Twists with Feathering, Two-Toned

Feather Design, 12mm, Red, Black & Gold Foil

Feather Design, 12mm, White, Black, Gold Foil

Black and Gray, 14mm Round Lace Bead Necklace

Black and Gray, 14mm Round Lace Bead Earrings

Murano Glass, Blown, Disc Necklace

Miro, 14mm _Gold Foil-Topaz-Black

Valentina Moretti's "Tapestry" Octagons & Gold Foil Diagonal Necklace

Klimt The Kiss Blown, Murano Glass Disc and Abstract Rectangle Necklace

Klimt's "The Kiss" Blown, Murano Glass Disc and 3 Colored Curved Tube Necklace

Red_Lime Green_Gold Foil_Bracelet with Discs

Multicolored Venetian Bead Bracelet with Discs

Multicolored Venetian Bead Necklace with Discs

Kandinsky's "In the Black Circle", Blown Murano Glass, Topaz Tube Necklace

Kandinsky's "In the Black Circle", Blown Murano Glass, Black Satinato Tube Necklace

Toulouse Lautrec's "Ambassadeurs" Blown, Murano Glass Disc Necklace

Multicolored Gold Foil Beads & Disc Necklace with gold toggle

Multicolored Gold Foil Beads & Discs Necklace with gold chain

Topaz, Gold Foil Rhondelle Disc Earrings

Murano Glass Fused Gold & Amethyst Circle - Links Amethyst Gold

Murano Glass Fused Gold & Black Circle - Links Black Gold

Murano Glass Fused Gold & Red Circle - Links Red Gold

Murano Glass Fused Gold & Aqua-Teal Circle - Links Aqua Gold

Murano Glass Fused Silver & Black Circle - Links Black Silver - Price for 2, only 2 LEFT

Murano Glass Fused Silver & Amethyst Circle - Links Amethyst Silver

Murano Glass Fused Silver & Aqua Circle - Links Aqua Silver

Exposed Gold Large Curved Amethyst & Periwinkle Blue Tubes

Exposed Gold Large Curved Cobalt Blue & Teal Tubes

Exposed Gold Amethyst & Periwinkle Blue 17mm Lentils

Exposed Gold Medium, 26-28mm Ovals

Aqua Striped, 20 MM White Squares, with Gold Foil

Blue and Rubino Striped, 20 MM White Squares, with Gold Foil

Zafira 12mm Round Gold Foil-Only 5 Left

Scroll Bead Necklace in Cobalt Blue and Lagoon Aqua-Green

"Scroll" Bead Earrings in Cobalt Blue & Lagoon Aqua-Green

Baroque Round, 14mm, Foil Beads

Artistic Abstract Painting Necklace,19 Inches

Black and 24 Karat Gold Foil, 12mm Paint Drip Necklace

Black, Round, 12mm beads with 24 Kt. Gold foil "Paint Drip" abstract design

Claude Monet, Square Bead Necklace

Monet Square Bead Earrings

24 Karat Gold Foil, Paint Drip Necklace with large & small beads

Klimt's "The Kiss", Blown Murano Glass Disc with amber colored tubes

Fine Millefiori 21mm Disc Earrings

"Baby Leaves", Gold Foil & Crystal Earrings

"Baby Leaves", Rubino Pink Earrings with White Gold Foil

Multicolored Assorted Venetian Beads, 3 strand Necklace, 31 Inches

Modigliani Blown Murano Disc Necklace

Skinny Rectangles with Yellow Gold Foil

Skinny Rectangles with White Gold Foil

Foil, 20 MM Cabochons

Baroque Round 14mm, Foil Beads; Red or Crystal Gold Foil

"Cracked Silver" & Black, 11x11 MM Cube

"Cracked Gold" & Black, 11x11 MM Cube

"Cracked Gold" & White, 11x11 MM Cubes

"Cracked Silver" & Black, 12 MM Flat Cubes

Red & Black, Small, 21-23mm Oval "Paint Drip"

Turquoise & Black, Small, 21-23mm Oval "Paint Drip"

Emerald Green 12mm Round, Gold Foil Necklace

Cobalt Blue, 12mm Round, Foil Necklace

Red, Blue, Green Striped Dopio Cono on Gold Link Chain Necklace

Champage Pink Lentil Necklace

Champage Pink Lentil Earrings

Gold 14mm "Paint Drip" Earrings

Striped Dopio Cono Earrings

Miro Medium 20mm Discs and Gold Foil Necklace

Miro White Lentils and 24 Kt. Gold Foil Necklace

Baby Multicolored Heart Necklace with Gold Foil

Miro White Lentil Earrings with Colors

"Baby" Multicolored, Foil Heart Bracelet

Curved, Long Aqua Tubes, 40x10 MM

Curved, Long Cobalt Tubes, 40x10 MM

Curved, Long Green Tubes, 40x10 MM

Curved, Long Blue Tubes, 40x10 MM

Curved, Long Rubino Tubes, 40x10 MM

Curved, Long Topaz Tubes, 40x10 MM

"Miro" White 20mm Discs, Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, & Gold Foil

"Miro" 16mm, Green Lentils

"Miro" 16mm, Red Lentils

"Miro" 16mm, White Lentils

Red 12mm Round Foil Necklace

"Miro" Red Lentils & 24 Kt. Gold Foil Earrings

Miro Red Lentils and 24 Karat Gold Foil Necklace

"Miro" Teal Green Squares & 24 Kt. Gold Foil Disc Necklace

Gold Foil & Crystal, Medium Lentil Earrings

Large Square, 21mm, "Olive" & Gold Foil Earrings

Dark Topaz, 21mm Large Square & Gold Foil Earrings

Amber, 21mm Large Square & Gold Foil Earrings

Murano Glass, Blown Disc Necklace with "Starry Night" & Striped Silver Foil Beads

Monet Lily Pad Blown Disc Necklace

Periwinkle Blue, Rubino, Oro, Long Oval, Murano Bead Necklace

Oval Exposed Gold Beaded Aqua-Teal Necklace

Millefiori 30 Inch (76cm), Round 8mm, Red Background Necklace

Millefiori 16 1/2 Inch (42cm), Round 8mm, Red Background Necklace

Millefiori 24 Inch (61cm), Round 8mm, Crystal Clear Background

Millefiori 16 1/2 Inch (42cm), Round 8mm, Crystal Clear Background

Double Swirl Lentils, 17mm, Topaz, Aventurina, Oro

Aqua and Green White Gold Foil 14mm Lace Scroll Necklace

Aqua Green Lace Scroll 14mm Murano Glass Earring

Murano Glass, Round, 12mm, Foil Earrings

Red, Black, Gold & Silver Foil, Abstract Rectangles

Assorted Large Foil, 20MM, Murano Glass Square Bracelet

24 Karat Gold Foil 8mm Melons, Baroque Round, Dangle Venetian Bead Earrings

Mucha's "Brunette" image on Blown Murano Glass Disc and Venetian Bead Necklace

Millefiori, Large 35mm Watch

Large Ovals Steel Gray, White Gold Foil Necklace

Vintage "Fiorato" Flowered, Red Venetian Bead Earrings

Vintage "Fiorato" Flowered Blue, Venetian Bead Earrings

Vintage Red Fiorato, 30 Inches, Flowered Venetian Bead Necklace

Seed Bead 19 Inch Torsade, 48 Beautiful Strands of Blue, Violet, Gold, Silver, Gray Venetian Beads

Seed Bead Torsade 19 Inch, 48 Elegant Strands of Silver, Gold, Dark Gray Venetian Beads

Seed Bead Torsade 19 Inch, 48 Lovely Strands, Gold, Burgundy Red, Steel Blue, Light Gray

Double Swirls, 17mm Lentils: Aqua, Periwinkle Blue, and Blue Aventurina

Klimt Style, Gold Foil and Millefiori Black Murano Glass, Curved Venetian Bead Necklace

Klimt Style, Gold Foil and Millefiori, Black Murano Glass, 12mm Round Bead Earrings

Black Silver Foil Samurai 14mm Venetian Bead Necklace

Red, Acciaio, Oro, Aventurina, 24mm Disc Necklace

Red, Acciaio, Oro, Aventurina, 24mm Disc Earrings

Large Gray Disc Pendant, 42mm, with Black and Aventurina Swirls

Cobalt Blue and Emerald Green Murano Glass Necklace

Cobalt Blue and Emerald Green Murano Glass Rectangle Earrings

Murano Glass Colorful Square Gold Foil and Aventurina Necklace

Murano Glass Square Red Venetian Bead Earrings

Amethyst Square Bombata Murano Glass Venetian Bead Earrings

Ivory White Square Bombata Murano Glass, Venetian Bead Earrings

Aqua Square Bombata Murano Glass Venetian Bead Earrings

Millefiori Fine 21mm Discs with Small 9x6mm Ovals Murano Glass Necklace

Klimt's "Adele" Blown Disc Necklace with Topaz & 24 Kt. Gold Foil Venetian Beads

Klimt's Mother & Child, Murano Glass Blown Disc Necklace

Silver Foil Twists, 22x16mm, Earrings

Large Multicolored "Candy" Millefiori Disc Necklace with Gold Clasp

Large, Multicolored "Candy" Millefiori, Disc Necklace with Silver Clasp

Downton Abbey 40 Inch Red and Gold Necklace

Red "Lentil" Disc Earrings with Black "V" Design

Chevron, Venetian Trade Beads, Six Layered, Vintage, Small, 12x8mm Blue Chevron Beads, Dangle Earrin

Lentils, 12mm Small Discs with Foil

Millefiori, "Fine" Long Disc Necklace, 33 Inches

Fine Millefiori 21mm Disc Earrings

Venetian Glass, Small Disc, Foil Spacers

Teardrops 26x12 MM, Gold Foil/Crystal

Teardrop 26x12 MM, Amethyst / Gold Foil

Teardrop 26x12 MM, Red / Gold Foil

Teardrops 26x12 MM, Light Periwinkle Blue / Gold Foil

Teardrops 26x12 MM, Rubino Platino, Rose Pink, White Gold Foil

Teardrops 26x12 MM,Bright Aqua / Platino

Teardrops 26x12 MM, Light Aqua / Platino

Teardrops 26x12 MM, Topaz/ Gold Foil

Rubino Oro Teardrops, 30x12 MM Gold Foil

Lagoon Green, Aqua Oro,Teardrops, 30x12 MM Gold Foil

Silver Foil Gondola Pendant with Black Seed Bead Necklace

24 Kt. Gold Foil Gondola Pendant with Black Seed Bead Necklace

Round 14mm Gold Bead Necklace with Dots of Red-Topaz-Amber

Round 14mm Gold Bead Earrings with Dots of Red-Topaz-Amber

Decorated Round 16mm Venetian Bead Earrings

Black and White Murano Glass 32 Inch Necklace

Two Bead Dangles, Gold Foil, Crystal Murano Glass

3 Strand Murano Glass, Small Foil Lentil Discs Necklace,

Murano Glass Rubino Oro 12mm Cube Earring

"Missoni" 12mm Mat and Gold 10mm Paint Drip Earrings

"Missoni" 8mm Mat and Gold 12mm "Paint Drip" Earrings

Amethyst Oro, Bombata Squares 17x17 MM, ON SALE

Aqua Oro, (Teal), Bombata Squares 17x17 MM, ON SALE

Aqua/Turquoise, White Gold, Bombata Squares 17 MM, ON SALE

Ink/Purple, White Gold, Bombata Squares 17 MM, ON SALE

Ivory Oro, Bombata Squares 17x17 MM, ON SALE

Lime Green, White Gold Foil, Bombata Squares 17 MM, ON SALE

Red Oro, Bombata Squares 17x17 MM, ON SALE

Bracelet with 19 Wire Wrapped Venetian Beads on Sterling Silver Link Chain

11 MM Gold Foil, Diagonal Flat Cubes

11 MM White Gold Foil Diagonal Flat Cubes

14 MM Round, Black,Gold Foil, & Millefiori in Abstract Pattern

Red and 24 Karat Gold Foil 36 Inch Necklace

Red Exposed Gold 18mm Square Earrings

Klimt 10 MM Millefiori with Gold Foil

Round "Luna" 12mm Multicolored Bracelet

"Lace" Pastel Millefiori Long Ovals 10x38mm

Exposed Gold Teal 17mm Lentils

Klimt Abstract Millefiori Gold Foil Flat Squares, 16 to 18 MM

Klimt 21 MM Foil Squares

Klimt Small 12 MM Squares, with Both Gold & Silver Foil

Klimt 12 MM Gold Foil Millefiori

12mm Black, Gold, Green, Aventurina; Jackson Pollock style beads

Millefiori Finest Mosaic Triangle Earrings

Millefiori Finest Mosaic Diamond Shaped Earrings

Vintage Aventurina 12mm Round Sommerso Beads

ONE-of-a-KIND, Black, Silver, Gold Foil, Aventurina, Luna Style, Flat Large Oval Disc Necklace

W-35mm Watch, Black Band

Coral Colored Triangle Earrings with Gold Foil

Yellow Triangle Earrings with Gold Foil

W-35mm Watch, Red Band

W-35mm, Watch, Lime Green Band

W-35mm Watch, Orange Band

W-35mm Watch, White Band

W-35mm Watch, Brown Band

W-35mm Watch, Purple Band

Gold Foil Navette Earrings, 30x13mm, Topaz-Lagoon-Green-Aventurina

Vintage 16mm Black, White, Aventurina, Pink Roses, Earrings

Vintage Pastel 14mm Fiorato Necklace

Vintage 14mm Fiorato, Blue, Yellow, Red, Green Necklace

Vintage 14mm Black Fiorato Necklace

Diva 23mm Disc Shaped Earrings

Klimt, 21mm Murano Glass Discs, Millefiori Earrings

Murano Glass, Black & White Mosaic 20mm Disc Earrings

Murano Glass, Aqua,Topaz,Foil, 20mm, Onion Square Earring

Diva 11mm Cube Dangle Earrings

Aqua & White Gold Bombata Bead Necklace

Aqua & White Gold Bombata Earrings with Sterling Silver

Aqua & White Gold Bombata Bracelet

Red and 24 Kt Gold Foil Bombata Necklace

Gold Foil Waffle Bead Earrings

Millefiori 23x12mm Teardrop Earrings

3 Strand Light and Bright Aqua and Lime Green Necklace

3 Bead Aqua & Lime Green 8mm Cube Earrings

Aqua Blue & Lime Green 11mm Cube Bracelet

3 Baby Hearts Dangling Chain Earrings

Black Swirl Oro Cube Earrings

Bright Aqua, Silver Foil, 14 MM Round, Millefiori in a Row

14 MM Round, Black & Gold Foil, Millefiori in a Row

Klimt Topaz Ovals, 28x10mm Millefiori & Gold Gemmato

Millefiori Klimt Stye Gemmato Tube 20x9mm Earrings

12mm Black Fancy Millefiori Klimt Style Earrings

Red 12mm Fancy Millefiori Klimt Style Earrings

Millefiori on Crystal Clear, Small Venetian Glass "Candy" Disc Necklace

Klimt Millefiori Oval and Round Bead Necklace

Vintage Golden Yellow 14 MM Fiorato Beads

Vintage Green 14 MM Fiorato Beads

Vintage Red 14 MM Fiorato Beads


Monet 2 Strand Necklace

Vintage Red Chevron Murano Glass Earrings

Small Multicolored "Candy" Millefiori Disc Bracelet

Turquoise and Gold Almond Shaped Oval, 24mm

Turquoise and Gold 16mm Lentil

Peach Large Heart with "Bubbles"

Cobalt Blue Heart with White Stars

Blue "Lace"Heart

Daisy "Lace" Heart

Lime Green "Lace" Heart

Fuchsia Pink and Blue "Lace" Heart

Aqua "Lace" Heart

White 8mm Mosaic Lace Earrings

Blown Battuto Murano Glass Multicolored "Mushroom" Earrings

"Missoni" Large Mat Finish Oval Bead Earrings

Millefiori 8mm 4 Colored Bead Earrings

Blown "Battuto" 60mm x 24mm Teardrop Earrings

Vintage Black 14 MM Fiorato Beads

Black Swirls & Gold Foil 24 Inch Necklace

Chocolate Swirls & Gold Foil 24 Inch Necklace

Black Swirls & Silver Foil 24 Inch Necklace

Aqua, Silver Foil & White Alabaster 16mm Lentils

Aqua, Silver Foil & White Alabaster 23mm Discs

Vintage Rubino 14mm Fiorato Necklace

Black & White 12mm Scroll Bead Bracelets

Navette with Filigrana: Pink, Ivory or Green

Aventurina Filigrana Lentils 16mm

12MM Round with Filigrana in Pink, Ivory or Green

Large Focal Multicolored Disc, 38 to 40mm

Extra Large Gold Foil & Aventurina, 40mm

Two Strand Black & Gold Murano Glass Necklace with Accent Colored Venetian Beads

14MM Round, Red Fiorato, with Gold Foil

14MM Round, Black Fiorato, with Gold Foil

Alessandro's Designed Round 8mm Multicolored, Foil Necklace

Black and White 49 Strand Seed Bead Necklace

Red, 24 Kt Gold Foil, Aventurina Bracelet

Round, 8mm Foil Earrings to Match Necklace AL-139

Artistic Square Venetian Bead Necklace - 21 Inches

Red Scroll Teardrop, Gold Foil, Aventurina Earrings

Black, Gold, & Silver Abstract Rectangle Earrings

Dichroic Style, Murano 15mm Round Striped Foil Beads

Dichroic Style, Murano 20mm Round Striped Foil Beads

Miva Test Product

W-35mm Watch, Aqua Band

Klimt 21 to 23 Inch Necklace with Squares & Rounds

Klimt 20MM & 10MM Bead Necklace

Gold Foil Teardrop Tapestry Bead Earrings

Vintage Decorated 17mm Lentils, SP11 Earrings

Lentils, 15mm with Foil

12MM Round Red Exposed Gold

Klimt, 16mm Murano Glass Disc, Millefiori Earrings

Klimt 16mm Disc Bracelet

Vintage, Alessandro's Designed, Gold, Topaz, Amethyst, Gemmato Necklace

Gold, Round, Graduated, Alessandro Designed Necklace on Chain

Red Square, Gold, Pendant Necklace by Alessandro

Round, 14mm Foil Beads

Klimt's "Judith 1"

Large 39mm Blue, Aqua, Silver Coin

Large 39mm Pink, Blue, White, Gold Foil Coin

Vintage Beads, Red 20mm with Green Stripes and Eyes

Vintage Beads, 20mm Black, with Red, Lt. Green, Aventurina

Round 14mm, Gold Foil with Dots of Red, Topaz, Amber

Large Gold Foil Rhomb with Red, Topaz, Amber Dots

Vintage Necklace with Silver, Pewter, Black Leaves

Vintage Earrings with Black Leaves

Periwinkle Blue, Rubino Oro, 24 Kt Gold Foil Bead Necklace on Chain

Black Spirals on White Gold Foil Bead Necklace

Vintage Teal Green & White Large Oval Fiorato Necklace

Vintage White & Black Large Oval Fiorato Necklace

Vintage 14mm Red Aveneturina Bead Necklace

Vintage 14mm Red Aventurina Earrings

Vintage 14mm Blue Aventurina Earrings

Multicolored Oval Bead Necklace, 34 1/2 Inches

Monet 14mm Round and 8mm Blue Bead Necklace

28mm Large Red, Black, Gold, Silver, Aventurina Squares on Gold Chain

Aventurina and Amethyst Square "Bombata" Necklace

Cobalt Blue Assorted Bead Bracelet

14mm & 12mm Assorted Foil Bead Bracelet

12mm Round Bluino Silver Foil

Amethyst, Blue, Abstract Long Tubes, 54x14mm

Blue, Topaz, White Gold Missoni Oval 32mm Striped Murano Glass Bead

Blue, Topaz, 24 Kt Gold Missoni Oval 32mm Striped Murano Glass Bead

Millefiori Oval Bead Necklace - 19 Inches

Millefiori Lime Green 21mm Discs

Millefiori Orange 21mm Discs

Millefiori Turquoise 21mm Discs

12mm Round, Green, Topaz, Black, 24 Kt Gold Foil, Aventurina; Jackson Pollock Style Beads

Millefiori 14mm Round Necklace with Bugle Beads

Vintage Dark Green 14mm Fiorato Beads

Vintage Lime Green 14mm Fiorato Beads

Vintage White 14mm Fiorato Beads

Vintage Alexandrite 14mm Fiorato Beads

Vintage Pink 14mm Fiorato Beads

Vintage Amethyst 14mm Fiorato Beads- 10 in Stock

Vintage Crystal Clear 14mm Fiorato Beads

Vintage Amber/Topaz 14mm Fiorato Beads

Vintage Turquoise 14mm Fiorato Beads

Vintage Translucent Turquoise 14mm Fiorato Beads

Vintage Aqua 14mm Fiorato Beads

Vintage Translucent Medium Blue, Periwinkle, 14mm Fiorato Beads

Vintage Bluino 14mm Fiorato Beads

10mm Small Fiorato, "Wedding Cake" Venetian Bead Necklace

14mm Round Rubino Platino

12mm Round Gemmato and Crystal

Lagoon Green, Aqua, Silver, Aventurina Rectangles 22x17mm

Abstract 12MM Black Cube with Gold Foil

Abstract 12MM Red Cube with Gold Foil

Abstract 12 x 12 x 6 MM Black Flat Cube with Gold Foil

Abstract 12 x 12 x 6 MM Black Flat Cube with Silver Foil

Abstract 12 x 12 x 6 MM Red Flat Cube with Gold Foil

Abstract 12 x 12 x 6 MM Amber Flat Cube with Gold Foil

Abstract 12 x 12 x 6 MM Cobalt Blue Flat Cube with Gold Foil

Round Cobalt Blue Earrings

Round Gold Foil and Crystal Earrings

Round Red and Gold Foil Earrings

Round Green and Gold Foil Earrings

15mm Round Lagoon Green, Silver, & Aventurina

Mona Lisa

12x12MM Cubes with Red Swirls & Gold Foil

12mm Clear Millefiori Round

10mm Blue 6 Layered Chevrons

Artistic Disc Venetian Bead Necklace

Artistic Abstract 31 Inch Necklace

Larger Exposed Gold Cobalt & Teal 18-19mm Lentils

Turquoise & Gold "King Tut"

Cobalt Blue and Aqua Teal Exposed Gold Necklace

"Fine" Lace Millefiori 21mm Discs

8mm Multicolored Foil Cube Bracelet

Green 8mm Round, Gold Foil Bracelet

Gold, 12mm Round, Foil Necklace

Gold 8mm Round Bracelet

Round 14mm, White Gold Foil with Dots of Aqua, Blue, Lagoon Green

Large 39mm Disc, Red, Acciaio, Gold, Aventurina

Large 39mm Disc, Opaque & Translucent Green, Gold, Aventurina

Large 39mm Disc, Opaque & Translucent Blue, Gold, Aventurina

Gemmato Klimt 21mm Silver Discs

Aventurina, 8mm, Vintage Necklaces, 24 Inches

Red Striped & White Gold, Small

Vintage Rhinestone Earrings

Lime Green Lentil Necklace

Cobalt Blue Lentil Necklace

Gold Lentil Necklace

Red Lentil Necklace

Carnevale Skinny Rectangle, Silver Foil

Jackson Pollock 30mm Squares, Silver

Millefiori 21mm Squares, White Background, with Aventurina

Millefiori 21mm Squares, with White Background

Millefiori, 12mm Round, White Background, with Aventurina

Millefiori, 12mm Round, White Background

W-35MM Watch, Pink Band

Large 24mm Round White Gold, Striped Maroon, Aventurina

Large 24mm Round Gold Foil, Striped Red & Green

12mm Round Dark Monet Beads

Long, Flat, Gold Foil, Millefiori Ovals

16mm Lentil Discs, Lime Green, Gold, Silver, Aventurina

Dopio Cono 24 x 21mm, Cobalt Blue, Medium Blue and Aqua

Pastel Lace Millefiori Dopio Cono 26 x 16mm

Orange Large Long Diamond Shape

Bright Aqua, Large Long Diamond Shape

Free Form, Vintage Oval Do-Nut Beads, Aqua and Blue

Free Form, Vintage Oval Do-Nut Beads, Green and Blue

Oval 26 x 12mm, Cobalt Blue, Medium Blue and Aqua

Aventurina Discs, 21mm, Translucent

Abstract Black Rectangles, 25 x 12mm, with Gold and Silver

Black and Silver 18 Inch Necklace with Disc Bead Tassel

Large 28mm Square, White Gold, Striped Maroon, Aventurina

Large Square 28mm, Gold Foil, Striped Red & Green

Large Swirl Discs, 36mm, Topaz, Gold Foil, Aventurina

12mm Round White Lace Mosaic

10mm Round White Lace Mosaic

10mm Round Black & White Mosaic

10mm Round Green and White Mosaic

10mm Round Blue with White Stars

Lagoon Green, Aqua, Silver, Aventurina, 14mm Cubes.

Black Baby Millefiori Hearts

Crystal Clear Baby Millefiori Hearts

Very Dark Ruby Red, 14mm Fiorato Beads

Special Color, Alabaster Ivory, 14mm Fiorato Beads

8MM Round Foil Beads

"Fine" Lace Millefiori 10MM Round

"Fine"Lace Millefiori 8mm Round

"Lace" Pastel Millefiori Ovals, 10x23MM

"Fine" Lace Millefiori 16MM Round

"Fine"Lace Millefiori 21mm Cabs

Large White Gold Foil Rhombo with Blue, Aqua Dots

Small Ovals 6x9mm Millefiori Bracelet