Vintage Alexandrite 14mm Fiorato Beads



Vintage Alexandrite 14mm Fiorato Beads
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Vintage, Alexandrite Murano Glass, 14 mm Round, Fiorato (Wedding Cake), Venetian Glass Beads.   This Alexandrite glass bead has a slight "change of color".  
Neodymium glass (also known as Alexandrite glass), changes color according to different lighting conditions. The glass appears lilac (or sometimes pink) in natural sunlight or yellow artificial light, and smoky blue in fluorescent/white light. This is due to the presence of Neodymium oxide (Nd˛Oł) in the glass.

These old Fiorato beads, from the back rooms in Venice, Italy,  are 50 plus years old, from the 1970's.  
Minimum of 4 beads sold.

We are always searching the "back rooms" of our Italian bead makers in Venice and Murano.  Sometimes, we are able to find some of the old, vintage, Fiorato beads; occasionally referred to as "Wedding Cake" beads.
The beads were made one by one, under the flame, and are called "lamp worked beads".  

Fiorato beads have swirls of aventurina (copper filings), pink roses on one side, and blue and yellow "forget-me-not flowers" on the opposite side.