Loose Beads
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Murano Glass, Venetian Beads, Loose Beads.

$75.00 Minimum Purchase of Loose Beads; Not Including Shipping and Insurance.
Minimum 4 beads of any item.

Unfortunately, too many potential buyers, do not read this information, or our requirements, and we have to cancel your orders, contact you, and credit your PayPal account. Due to all the time spent, and per hour costs, we will be deducting the PayPal fee from you credit.

These prices are very low for genuine Murano Glass, handmade Venetian beads; in fact, they are wholesale prices, or in most cases, below wholesale.

We do not sell samples, such as "1" or "2" of any bead, please purchase a minimum of 4 or more of the bead you want. Only on Large Focal Beads, 35mm or larger, may you purchase 1 of the beads.

Because these are handmade, lampworked beads, made one-by-one under the flame; melting the Murano Glass onto a copper wire; applying various colors of Murano glass, different designs, different shapes, and various gold, or silver foils, or aventurina (copper filings), there may be variations in the hand applied designs. Also, since these are hand made beads, not machine made, the beads may occasionally, have some rough edges at the ends; a natural effect of the handiwork, and is not a defect.

Please note: we double check each order, for accuracy and quality.

Check your "basket" for quantity, before submitting your order. There are no returns on loose beads.

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Note that we may show a group of beads in the photo, for you to see the selection much better, but the price noted is for one bead.