New and Old
Murano Glass, Venetian Beads, Loose Beads, $75.00 Minimum Purchase of Beads.

Minimum 4 beads of any item.


We have tons and tons of loose beads in the stock room, in extra-large jars and in bead trays. Each bead was made one-by-one, in Venice, or Murano, Italy.

These beads have never been on our web site. Some are old, Vintage beads that we hand picked, in the back rooms, of Venice, Italy in 1976, or later. Some of the beads, are new beads that we never put on the web site. Limited number of beads in stock. Buy them while we have them.

Thank you for your business!

The original Venetian Bead company, since 1976: Alexander-Lee Gallery,