Red Square, Gold, Pendant Necklace by Alessandro



Red Square, Gold, Pendant Necklace by Alessandro
Product Details
One of a Kind, Murano Glass, Handmade Venetian Bead Necklace, designed by Alessandro.

This necklace has many red and gold, lampworked, Venetian beads, that are made one by one under the flame, in Venice, Italy.
Beads included on this Alessandro design are:
   - 20mm large red squares with 24 karat gold foil
   - small red "twists", that we call "baby twists", with 24 karat gold foil, approximate size: 16 to 18mm in length, x 12 to 13mm wide
   - round "cracked gold" 12mm, red and 24 karat gold foil
   - round, red,10mm aventurina (copper filings), and gold foil
   - extra large flower pendant, approximately 38mm x 38mm, made with 4 heart shaped beads, with 24 karat gold foil, and accented with red
   - faceted, red crystals

Necklace length is approximately 20 inches, or 50.8cm.  The long, dangle pendant, hangs down from the necklace, approximately 4 1/4 inches.

This is a stunning necklace, and sure to get you compliments!