Artistic Abstract 31 Inch Necklace



Artistic Abstract 31 Inch Necklace
Product Details
Long, 31 Inch, Venetian Bead Necklace, with Multicolored Murano Glass Beads; artistic, abstract, an Alessandro Design.
All beads are authentic, genuine, Murano glass, handmade Venetian beads, made one by one in Venice, Italy.

Some of these beads we personally designed, and worked with our glass makers in Venice, to "bring to life".

The necklace has twisted, silver lined, gold bugle beads; small, faceted, spacer discs; tiny, metallic, gold seed beads; large, gold filled, lobster style, spring clasp; and gold filled, link style chain.

Some of the Murano glass beads on this necklace are:
 -   Large oval center bead:  31mm x 18mm, aqua glass, green "scroll work", white gold foil
 -   Blue, topaz, white gold goil, Missoni style, oval striped bead; 32mm long x 15mm wide.  
 -   Rubino pink, abstract, oval bead, with silver and gold foil, 32 mm x 15mm
 -   Disc shaped beads range in size:
      24mm at bottom;  the elegante red, black, gold foil, avventurina; and the black, gold foil, 
      multicolored Klimt style disc bead .
      21-22mm discs; and smaller lentil discs at top
      16mm lentil discs, including my "Miro" style; made in honor of, and paying homage to 
      the artist, Joan (hwan) Miro, who lived from April 20, 1893 to December 25, 1983.   Lentils have 
      many colors; starting with a base of red Murano Glass, with 24 Karat Gold foil, accented with 
      stringers of black, yellow, red, blue and Aventurina (copper).