Monet 2 Strand Necklace



Monet 2 Strand Necklace
Product Details
"Monet" double strand, versatile, Venetian bead necklace with two lengths of necklaces; that can be worn in 3 different ways.
One necklace is 19 inches in length, and the longer necklace is 24 inches in length.
I made this necklace so that you can take any of the strands off the large, sterling silver clasp.
Therefore, you can wear it with just 1 strand 19 inches; or you can wear it with just 1 strand 24 inches; or you can wear it with the two strands attached.

This necklace is comprised of the following beads, paying honor to the artist, Monet:
2 large, oval "Monet" beads, approximately 38 x 13mm,  
1 large center "Dopio Cono", (double cone) bead that is approximately 21 x 21mm, 
4 medium size, 16mm squares,
2 medium size, 18mm lentil discs,
1 round 14mm  

All of the "Monet" beads are hand made with pure silver foil, and blue, violet, lagoon green & pink Murano glass. 
There are 22 blue and silver foil, baroque, 12mm rounds, that are referred to as "melons".

Necklace is accented with blue faceted Swarovski crystals, silver bead caps, and sterling silver clasp. 
This necklace is my original design. 

The beads I have chosen for this necklace, were hand made in Venice, Italy, paying homage to, and in honor of the artist, Claude Monet, and his "lily pad" series of paintings.