Lime Green Lentil Necklace



Lime Green Lentil Necklace
Product Details
Alessandro's custom designed necklace, using handmade, lamp worked, genuine Murano glass, 15-16mm lime green, Peridot color, lentils, small discs.  Each lentil bead is made one-by-one, under the flame in Venice, Italy; hence the name "lamp worked Venetian beads".  Inside each bead is white gold foil inside, and lime green glass outside.

The necklace has a large sterling silver clasp, and adjustable sterling silver link chain.
Length of the necklace is 17 1/2 inches, adjustable to 19 1/2 inches with link chain.  
Small green, faceted crystals between each lentil bead, and at the end of the chain, is added a matching lentil bead.