Multicolored Assorted Venetian Beads, 3 strand Necklace, 31 Inches



Multicolored Assorted Venetian Beads, 3 strand Necklace, 31 Inches
Product Details
Three strands of Multicolored, Assorted Venetian Glass Beads on a 30-31 Inch, custom made necklace. This is our own design. There are so many Venetian Beads on this necklace, with so many various shapes, that there are too many to name. Each handmade bead is made one-by-one, under the flame, using world famous Murano Glass. When you look carefully at these beautiful beads you will find 24 Karat yellow gold foil, white gold foil, pure silver foil, aventurina (copper filings), swirls of colors, millefiori, and much more.

Necklace is accented with gold foil seed beads, and gold filled toggle clasp. Not only can this necklace be worn with every color in your wardrobe, but will definitely get you many compliments for the artistic design and vivid colored Venetian Glass beads!

This is a time consuming necklace to string. There are three strands of numerous Murano Glass /Venetian Beads, and numerous faceted crystals and seed beads. In this design, we will use the same number of colorful, Venetian glass beads, (74), but, the designer may interchange the beads and crystals, to make each necklace slightly different and unique.