Vintage Aventurina 12mm Round Sommerso Beads



Vintage Aventurina 12mm Round Sommerso Beads
Product Details
Vintage Aventurina 12mm round Sommerso beads.

Handmade Venetian glass beads with colorful Murano glass, aventurina (sparkly copper filings), and crystal clear Murano glass (Lucido) on the outside of some of the beads. 

Each lampworked bead is genuine Murano glass; and was made one by one in Venice.

These are old, Vintage Venetian beads from the 1970s..  We dug them out of the back rooms in Venice, Italy.

They work well in earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry designs; and are inexpensive.

Choice of Colors:
A. Blue
B. Green
C. Black
D. White
E. Dark Blue
F. Red
G. Lagoon Green
H. Crystal Clear and Aventurina
I. Dark Amethyst
J. Pale Pink
K. Aqua