Lentils, 15mm with Foil



Lentils, 15mm with Foil
Product Details
"Lentils"*, small disc shaped beads with Foil, approximately 15mm.   We've chosen the colors that we use most in our designs. 

All beads are handmade, lampworked Murano glass, Venetian beads, and therefore, will vary a little in size. 
All beads are made one-by-one, under the flame, and are lampworked, genuine Murano Glass, Venetian Beads.
All lentils have either 24 Karat Gold Foil, pure Silver Foil, or White Gold Foil, as specified.

*We have been going to Italy, and working with our Murano and Venetian glass sources, since 1976.  We have designed beads and have had many beads made especially for us.  Because we have so many loose beads, we would come up with names for the beads.  We named this style of bead, when we were in Italy, a "Lentil" bead, as a pun on lentil beans, i.e. lentil beads.  Italians had called this bead, at the time, a small disc.  When we ordered these beads, we would call them "Lentils", and then the Italians started calling them "Lente" and "Lentils".  Now, that description is used throughout the bead industry.