Murano Glass, Blown, Disc Necklace



Murano Glass, Blown, Disc Necklace
Product Details
A multicolored, Murano Glass necklace, with vibrant colors.

The large disc is called in Italian, "Scudi Canna Murrina"; a shield made from murrine canes. These detailed, Murano Glass, "works of art" are unique; as no two are ever exactly the same size; sizes range from 70 to 80mm; nor are the colors ever arranged in the same exact pattern. The extra large bead is "blown" and then flattened to make the "shield" disc shape. Below the shield, I have made a "tassel" of black faceted crystals and gold metallic seed beads; which are also found on the necklace.

The necklace has six multicolored, oval "Exposed Gold", Venetian beads: Red, Cobalt Blue, Topaz, Lime Green, Rubino Oro, and Cobalt & Aqua Teal. Beads are so named because the 24 Karat gold foil that is inside each handmade Venetian Glass Bead, is also "exposed" to the outside in an abstract pattern. These oval beads are approximately 26-28mm in length.

Necklace length is approximately 24 1/2 Inches, (62cm); accented with gold bead caps, and gold filled clasp. The Shield hangs approximately 3 Inches below the necklace, and the tassel hangs approximately 2 Inches below the shield.

This multicolored necklace can be worn with many outfits.