Black Swirls & Silver Foil 24 Inch Necklace



Black Swirls & Silver Foil 24 Inch Necklace
Product Details
This Vintage, Handmade, Murano Glass, Venetian Bead Necklace, has Silver foil rectangles with swirls of black Murano glass. This is an old necklace that we bought in the late 1980's.
Length of the necklace is approximately 24 Inches (61cm).  The large rectangles are approximately 28mm x 16mm; and the large, center oval bead, is also 28mm x 16mm.  
Necklace is accented with 8-10mm baroque round, "mellone" (melon beads), with silver foil inside the handmade beads and crystal clear Murano glass on the outside; gold bead caps; and was handknotted in Venice, Italy, with white / ivory colored thread.
A lot of handmade, orginal Murano glass, Venetian beads, for a low price.