Millefiori Klimt Stye Gemmato Tube 20x9mm Earrings



Millefiori Klimt Stye Gemmato Tube 20x9mm Earrings
Product Details
Handmade Millefiori, Murano glass, Klimt style Venetian beads, with 24 karat gold foil, gemmato tube  earrings .  Genuine Murano Glass.

Millefiori is multicolored mosaic canes, handmade on the island of Murano, Italy, and translates in English to "thousand flowers".  
Gemmato is an Italian term for the multicolored "frit" which covers the 24 karat gold foil tube , and resembles gemstones.
The small tubes are approximately 20x9mm; and are wire wrapped using gold filled headpins.

Earrings are shown in the photo on gold filled leverbacks, but you may also choose gold filled wires or gold filled posts.
Earrings hang down from the small loop below the leverback, approximately 1 1/2 inches.