Vintage Red Chevron Murano Glass Earrings



Vintage Red Chevron Murano Glass Earrings
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Red Chevron, Vintage Murano Glass Earrings, Venetian Beads, Handmade Italian Beads, with red glass seed beads,  on Sterling Silver Wires.

You may know them by other names, such as "Rosetta" or "Star Beads", but "Chevron" is the name most often attributed to this bead.

The red Chevron beads are approximately 12mm x13mm.

These Red Chevron beads are from my personal Vintage supply.  I purchased them in Venice, Italy, many, many years ago.  I just recently decided to use them in these earrings.

Earrings dangle from the small sterling silver loop (below the wire), approximately 1 1/4 inches, (3.18cm.).
Earrings are accented with silver bead caps, small silver "crown" spacers, and red glass seed beads.  Earrings are wire wrapped on sterling silver head pins, so that they do not come apart from the sterling silver wire or post.

I have been in business designing jewelry, importing Murano / Venetian Glass and working with glass artisans, since 1976.  I have visited the old, dusty "back rooms" of many, many of my bead makers in Venice and Murano, Italy.  Because of that, I have thousands of old, Vintage Murano glass and Venetian loose beads, in my stock room, that I am putting into jewelry designs.