"Filigrana" Dopio Cono Earrings



"Filigrana" Dopio Cono Earrings
Product Details
"Filigrana" large Dopio Cono (double cones), Venetian glass bead earrings, with red, blue, green lines (stringers) on 24 Karat Gold Foil, over crystal clear Murano Glass, handmade beads. Earrings are expertly wire wrapped, accented with red, faceted crystals, gold bead caps, rhinestone rhondelles and shown on gold filled wires; also available in posts or clips. Note: these are heavier earrings because the beads are large 22mm and there is a lot of Murano Glass. If heavy earrings do not bother you and you are looking for fantastic looking earrings, then these are for you! $42.00 (otherwise, buy the lighter weight, 12mm round "filigrana" earrings below, item VM-209-C)