Downton Abbey 40 Inch Red and Gold Necklace



Downton Abbey 40 Inch Red and Gold Necklace
Product Details
Alessandro's Design, Murano Glass, "Downton Abbey" inspired, 40 inch long, Red and 24 Karat Gold, and "Miro" small disc necklace.

The ladies on the television series, "Downton Abbey" wear many extra-long beaded necklaces, and since I was inspired by them to make this necklace, I am naming it my "Downton Abbey" design.

The beads included are made one-by-one, under the flame, in Venice, Italy, and are referred to as "lampworked beads", made of the finest Murano Glass.

The beads are:
- Large red teardrops with 24 Karat Gold Foil inside, 26mmx12mm
- Small red discs with 24 Kt. Gold Foil, approximately 17mm, called "Lentils", that I helped design in the "Miro" pattern; paying homage to the artist, Juan Miro
- Small red discs with 24 Karat Gold foil inside, called "Lentils", 17mm, with a black "V" pattern.

The long necklace has gold, tubular shaped, seed beads, red faceted crystals, gold bead caps, and a gold filled toggle clasp.

I made the necklace extra long, 40 inches (101.60cm.), so that you can either wear it as a long single strand, or you can also wear it as a shorter double strand "wrap" necklace.