Aventurina and Amethyst Square "Bombata" Necklace



Aventurina and Amethyst Square "Bombata" Necklace
Product Details
Amethyst Murano Glass, Square "Bombata" Venetian Beads, with 24 Karat Gold Foil, and Aventurina, Handmade Necklace.

Murano Glass, Square shaped, Venetian Glass Beads in a pillow square shape that is called "Bombata" beads.

The handmade beads, are lampworked beads, made one-by-one under the flame in Venice, Italy.  I personally worked with my glass artisans in Venice, to get the amethyst color and shape of beads for this necklace.

The colors in this "Bombata" square bead are Amethyst/Oro.  
Each bead has foil inside;  24 Karat Gold Foil and Aventurina (copper filings).
Crystal clear Murano glass covers each bead; which is approximately 3/4 of an inch; or 18mm.

Length of the necklace is approximately 20 1/4 inches to 22 1/4 inches, (51.44 - 56.52cm.) with gold filled lobster clasp and gold filled adjustable chain.
Necklace is accented with gold metallic seed beads, gold bead caps and small, 4mm cubes of Aventurina.

Necklace is strung on Accu-Flex, a professional quality beading wire, made with 49 minute strands, that has the softest drape, is very flexible, but is virtually impossible to break.

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