Millefiori Oval Bead Necklace - 19 Inches



Millefiori Oval Bead Necklace - 19 Inches
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Authentic Millefiori Murano Glass Necklace, Vintage Oval Venetian Beads from the 1970's, Restrung with Black & Red Seed Beads, Barrel Clasp, 19 Inches, (48.26 cm.).

These oval millefiori, meaning thousand flowers in English, are Vintage (old) beads from the 1970's, that we purchased from our first bead maker in Venice, Italy:  Germana Perini, who has long ago retired.  

The handmade, lampworked, millefiori beads are made with multicolored mosaic canes or pieces of glass rods.  The mosaic  applied by hand, one-by-one, onto the black base color of Murano glass

I strung the necklace on "Accu-Flex", a professional quality beading wire, that has 49 tiny strands with the softest drape; hangs as if strung on thread, but much stronger than thread, and is virtually impossible to break.