Blown Multicolore Large Beads & Shield Necklace



Blown Multicolore Large Beads & Shield Necklace
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These blown Murano Glass beads are the most beautiful we have ever seen, and we have been in business since 1976! The multicolored (Multicolore) glass designs are the most intricate, detailed, and time consuming beads to make by hand. For more detailed information about the making of the beads and disc, go to the "Loose Beads" section, and read the text at the top of the page, and look at the photo.

This necklace was made by designer Alessandro. The blown, multicolored, Murano Glass beads on the necklace are: 47x27mm Ovals, 60x24mm Teardrops and with an extra large multicolored disc called a "Scudi Canna Murrina"; a shield made from murrine canes, which range in size from 70 to 80mm. Length is 23 1/2 Inches (with disc hanging below). A fantastic necklace; a "work of art".