8mm Multicolored Foil Cube Bracelet



8mm Multicolored Foil Cube Bracelet
Product Details
Alessandro's Designed Bracelet.
8mm Multicolored, Murano Glass, Cube Bracelet with Venetian Foil Beads, 24 Kt Gold Foil & White Gold Foil, Adjustable Length, in your choice of Gold or Silver metal.

Handmade bracelet, with Venetian Glass Cubes, 8mm,"baby" size cubes, with Foil inside. 
Each 8 mm cubes has 24 karat gold foil or white gold foil. 

The multicolored, small cube, bracelet is made with genuine Murano glass.
Each cube is made one-by-one, under the flame, and are lamp worked Venetian beads.
The colors are listed below; Oro is for 24 Karat Gold Foil.
Colors of the 8mm cubes are:
- Gold, Crystal - Oro
- Rubino Platino - White Gold
- Lime Green - Oro
- Aqua / Teal - Oro
- Red - Oro

Bracelet shown in photo:  length is 7 1/4 inches, adjustable to 8 inches with link chain and clasp.
Other length:  8 Inches, adjustable to 8 3/4 Inches.
Available in your choice of gold filled or sterling silver, clasp and chain.