Fine Millefiori 21mm Disc Earrings



Fine Millefiori 21mm Disc Earrings
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These are the finest Murano glass Millefiori discs. I refer to these as "Fine" Millefiori, unlike the traditional Millefiori. The "Fine" Millefiori; (Millefiori means thousand flowers in English); is made up of multicolored mosaic canes that have been melted under the fire, which was once called the lamp; hence the word: lamp worked beads. The mosaic canes are melted so well, and so smooth, without rough edges, that I call these beads "Fine" Millefiori. These discs are approximately 21mm wide; or .866 inches; and are accented with gold bead caps, and gold seed beads. The earrings are wire wrapped and shown on gold filled wires; but are also available on posts or dangle clips or Leverbacks. The Millefiori earrings have vibrant colors and can be worn with many outfits.