"Klimt" Gold Foil, Gemmato, 23mm Disc



"Klimt" Gold Foil, Gemmato, 23mm Disc
Product Details
"Klimt", Venetian bead, 23mm discs with 24 Karat Gold foil. These beads were inspired by the famous artist, Gustave Klimt. For more information, read the short text at the beginning of our Klimt page. These beads are made in a layering process, under the flame in Venice, Italy, using only Murano glass. First black glass is melted under the flame onto a copper wire, then a band of 24 Karat Gold Foil, then "Gemmato", small pieces of multicolored glass, and finished with a smooth, covering of crystal clear Murano glass.

These are beautiful Klimt discs; perfect for your designs!