Artistic Square Venetian Bead Necklace - 21 Inches



Artistic Square Venetian Bead Necklace - 21 Inches
Product Details
Square Shaped Venetian Bead Necklace, Artistic Murano Glass with Gold Foil, Silver Foil, White Gold foil, Faceted Crystals, and Gold Filled Clasp.

In my design, I have mixed a variety of beautiful, artistic, handmade, lamp worked Murano glass, square shaped Venetian Beads, made in Venice, Italy.

The approximate sizes of squares range from 17mm to 19mm.
The Murano glass square beads are accented with gold metallic bead caps, seed beads, multicolored faceted crystals, and twisted metallic bugle beads.

Some of our names for our beads are:
Carnevale, Monet "Lily Pads", Red "Miro", Battuto, and Exposed Gold.
All handmade beads have 24 karat gold foil, or silver foil, or white gold foil.

Length of the necklace is approximately 21 Inches, 53.34 cm., and is finished with a gold filled, large, lobster style spring clasp, and gold filled rings.