Millefiori 14mm Round Necklace with Bugle Beads



Millefiori 14mm Round Necklace with Bugle Beads
Product Details
Murano Glass, "Fine" Millefiori Venetian Bead Necklace, with 14mm Round, Multicolored Mosaic, Handmade Italian Lamp worked Beads.

I called these Millefiori beads "Fine" Millefiori, as opposed to the Traditional Millefiori you buy at the shops along the strade (streets).  They are the finest Millefiori beads made in Murano and in Venice, Italy; very smooth beads with the multicolored mosaic canes melted closely together under the flame, with little or no black background Murano glass showing.  These beads are handmade, one-by-one.

Necklace length is approximately 18 inches, (45.72cm).
It has a gold filled, spring, lobster clasp, with a small, 6mm round Fine Millefiori bead dangling from the end of the clasp.  
Necklace is accented with silver lined, light gold, twisted bugle beads; and small, gold, round, metallic seed beads.

Necklace is strung on Accu-Flex, a professional quality beading wire, made with 49 minute strands, that has the softest drape, is very flexible, but is virtually impossible to break.