Small Multicolored "Candy" Millefiori Disc Bracelet



Small Multicolored "Candy" Millefiori Disc Bracelet
Product Details
Small, multicolored, "candy" Millefiori disc bracelet with large, silver clasp, and adjustable link chain.
Length of bracelet is  8 1/4 inches, adjustable to 10 1/4 inches with silver link chain.
The small discs are in solid colors of Murano glass:  black, turquoise, yellow, green, blue, white, and red. 
Each small, multicolored, mosaic disc is handmade, one-by-one, under the flame, in Venice, Italy, and are lampworked Venetian glass beads. Therefore, there will be small differences and sizes in the discs.
The multicolored, small discs vary in size from approximately 12mm to 13mm; and approximately 6mm thick (depth).