Millefiori Finest Mosaic Triangle Earrings



Millefiori Finest Mosaic Triangle Earrings
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Millefiori Murano Glass Earrings; Handmade with the Finest Multicolored Mosaic Canes, Polished & Tumbled to the Smoothest Finish. We dug in our archives, and came up with this old, favorite style of Millefiori earrings. They are thin, lightweight, and handmade with beautiful, multicolored mosaic canes. The millefiori has been tumbled many times to give them the finest, smooth polish; made by the finest glass maker on the island of Murano, Italy. No one else has them but me. The millefiori triangle is 40mm in length x 32mm at the bottom of the triangle; (1.57 inch x 1.25 inch), not including the gold attachment. Available in gold filled wires or posts.