Black and White Murano Glass 32 Inch Necklace



Black and White Murano Glass 32 Inch Necklace
Product Details
Black and White, abstract designed, 32 Inch Necklace. Handmade with the finest Murano Glass: black and silver foil Venetian Beads, black and white gold foil Venetian Beads, and Red and 24 Karat Gold Foil Accent Beads, Sterling Silver Beads and Clasp.

I have long designed necklaces in an abstract pattern, using various lampworked Murano Glass and Venetian Beads. This black and white necklace is my latest abstract design, and one of my favorite Alessandro's Designs.

Necklace is hand made with:
- black "dopio cono" faceted crystals,
- black Murano glass, 10-12mm baroque round beads,
- Sterling Silver long rectangle "face" bead,
- small Sterling Silver "face" bead,
- 8mm silver "sparkle" bead,
- silver foil & black swirl Venetian bead rectangle, approx. 26x16mm, - abstract 13mm Venetian bead, flat cube with black & silver foil,
- black and white Murano glass, 21mm mosaic disc,
- Black Murano glass, spiral design & white gold foil, 20mm Round bead,
- 24mm Venetian glass disc, black feather design over white alabaster
- 30x17mm dark gray Murano glass oval, white gold foil, white lines
- 16mm black Murano glass bead with heavy silver foil swirls
- Venetian glass bead, 20mm gray disc with black "scroll" work
- Silver Foil "Mine" bead with black dots, Venetian glass
- Three red Venetian glass beads with 24 Karat gold foil inside: 8x8 cube, 11mm diagonal flat cube, 13mm "lentil" disc - Sterling Silver "Infinite" figure 8 clasp
- Plus numerous other black crystals, silver spacers, silver seed beads