Klimt Style Earrings in 2 Sizes



Klimt Style Earrings in 2 Sizes
Product Details
Klimt Style, Black Murano Glass, square, Venetian beads, dangle earrings.
Available in 2 sizes of handmade, Venetian glass beads:
Larger 20 MM squares, that dangle from the gold ring below the attachment, approximately 1 1/2 inches.
or Smaller 15 MM squares.  that dangle from the gold ring, approximately 1 1/4 inches.

Each square bead is handmade, lamp worked beads, made one-by-one, under the flame, in Venice, Italy.  
Because these are hand made beads, NOT machine made beads, then, No two beads are exactly alike.  
The glass bead maker starts with black Murano glass, then adds both 24 karat yellow gold foil, and white gold foil; next is added multicolored, millefiori, mosaic "frit" or pieces of mosaic cane.

On each earring design, I have added black, faceted crystals, and gold decorative "crown" spacers.  I have also wire wrapped them next to the wire, or attachment, so that they will remain "in tact" and you will not loose them off the wire.

Earrings are shown on gold filled wires, also available on posts, leverbacks, or dangle clips.

NOTE:  You can also order these earrings with silver attachments and silver decorative "crown" spacers.