Red and 24 Karat Gold Foil 36 Inch Necklace



Red and 24 Karat Gold Foil 36 Inch Necklace
Product Details
This necklace took a lot of time and labor to "compose", as I laid out many handmade Venetian beads, before I decided on the right combination of red Murano glass, and 24 Karat gold foil beads; and I mixed up all the different faceted red crystals for a more interesting and abstract look.

This extra long necklace is almost 36 inches, (91 cm.), with vibrant red Murano Glass, Venetian beads with 24 karat gold foil. This necklace is long enough to be worn as a double necklace, or you can wear it as a single, long strand of beautiful handmade, Italian beads.

On this design, I used seventeen (17) different, lampworked Venetian beads; made one-by-one under the flame, using world famous Red Murano glass and 24 Karat Gold Foil.

The description of the red, Venetian beads with 24 karat gold foil, in this long necklace, are as follows:
- small 11mm diagonal shaped flat square
- small 12mm "lentil" shaped disc
- small 13mm "exposed gold" flat square
- small 8mm baroque round, "melone" (melon)
- 17mm "bombata" puffed square with swirls of red, aventurine & gold
- 14mm baroque round,"melone" (melon)
- "baby twist", 16x11mm
- 10x10mm cube
- small oval, 21 x 10mm
- Vintage red, 14mm round, with 24 Kt. gold foil and stripes of red
- medium 17mmx15mm triangle
- medium rectangle 21mm long x 14mm wide x 7mm deep
- 12mm red "Fenice Bead" (named after the opera house in Venice), encrusted with 24 Kt. gold foil, & crystal clear & red Murano glass
- 17mm red "lentil" shaped disc with black "V" and abstract lines
- 15mm "dopio cono" (double cone)
- 13mm striped "lentil" with red, black, and 24 karat gold foil
- 13mm "baby heart"

I've also accented the beads with light gold, silver lined, twisted bugle beads; red Swarovski crystals; various other red crystals and spacers; gold filled rings and lobster style clasp.