Vintage 14mm Black Fiorato Necklace



Vintage 14mm Black Fiorato Necklace
Product Details
Vintage Black Italian Wedding Cake Venetian Beads, Murano Glass, 14mm Antique Fiorato (Flowered) Necklace, Handmade, Lampworked Italian Beads.

Necklace length is 18 1/2 inches, adjustable to 20 1/2 inches, with gold filled link chain and gold filled spring, lobster style clasp, with a 10mm black vintage Fiorato bead dangling from the end of the chain.  The 14mm old, Vintage back fiorato (flowered) beads are accented with gold fillagree bead caps, black faceted crystals, and black Venetian glass spacer discs.

At one time, these old, black fiorato bead necklaces, were our very best seller.

These are beautiful, detailed old, Venetian beads; a famous style of Venetian beads, that has been made the same, handmade way for centuries. Each bead is made one-by-one under the flame, hence, the name "lampworked beads". Some people refer to this style as "Wedding Cake Beads". But actually, Italians call these beads "Fiorato", which means flowered.
Notice that each Venetian Glass Bead is made with a base color of Murano glass; using Black Murano glass canes, or rods, in this necklace. Then a band of Aventurina, (copper filings), is melted onto the center of the bead. Copper is also melted onto the Venetian Bead in a "zig-zag" decorative pattern. Red and White canes of Murano glass are used to make the Pink "roses", and they are also melted onto the center copper band. Next to that are dots of blue to represent flowers referred to as "for-get-me-knots".  This bead was made in several, time consuming steps.