3 Strand Murano Glass, Small Foil Lentil Discs Necklace,



3 Strand Murano Glass, Small Foil Lentil Discs Necklace,
Product Details
Three strand necklace of vibrant, multicolored, Murano Glass with small, foil "Lentil" shaped Venetian bead discs.

I've chosen lentil colors with both pastels and bright colors, in this Alessandro custom necklace, and I made it with the colors that I use most in my designs.  Also, I used beads that have various types of foil: 24 Karat Gold Foil, or White Gold Foil, or pure Silver Foil, inside each lamp worked bead; so that you will have a beautiful, three strand necklace that will go with all your outfits.

 All beads are handmade, Venetian glass beads and therefore, will vary a little in size. These Venetian beads are made one-by-one under the flame, and are called lampworked glass beads.

This Murano Glass, 3 strand necklace with Venetian Bead Foil Lentils, has small discs approximately 13-14mm in size. I named these beads "Lentils" long, long ago, because they were shaped like lentil beans, and the play on words was too good to pass up.  This "Lentil" name is now used for these Murano Glass and Venetian Glass beads, not only in Italy, but throughout the bead industry. 

The necklace has a gold filled lobster clasp, and a gold filled, adjustable link chain; and is accented with round gold seed beads, and silver lined, light gold twisted bugle beads.  

Length of the necklace is 17 1/2 inches, (44.45cm), adjustable to 19 1/2 inches, (49.53cm), with adjustable link chain.