Vintage Satinato Gold and Silver Foil Necklace



Vintage Satinato Gold and Silver Foil Necklace
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Vintage Satinato" (mat finish), 24 Karat Gold foil beads, and shiny Crystal & Silver Foil oval shaped Venetian beads. There are many different types, styles, and finishes of handmade Venetian beads on this necklace; making it "stand out" on any blouse or shirt. <p>

 Approximate size of handmade Venetian Beads are: Shiny Silver foil ovals: 32x13mm: Mat finish gold foil beads: 14mm and 12mm; Mat gold "Dopio Cono"(double cones):18mm; and Shiny gold "Mellone"(baroque rounds): 8mm-10mm.<p>

  A unique & beautiful designed necklace showing both 24 Karat gold foil and pure silver foil; accented with gold bead caps & gold clasp; handknotted with ivory colored thread. Length is approximately 32 Inches, (81cm.) Handmade in Venice, Italy.
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