Bright Aqua, Foil, Curved Bead Necklace



Bright Aqua, Foil, Curved Bead Necklace
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Bright Aqua and Foil, Curved, Venetian Bead Necklace. This is an outstanding necklace made with smooth finished, flat long curved beads, approximately 48mm long x 10mm wide and 6mm thick; and with a large 18mm round "Sbruffi" bead. Translated into English, Sbruffi are lines of a different color from that of the round bead; lines that do not follow a pattern, but are handmade to the taste of the artist. Necklace is accented with black round beads, and many styles of gold rhondelles, "crowns", and spacers. Length is 18 to 20 1/2 Inches, 46-52cm, with adjustable gold chain.

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