Multicolored Oval Bead Necklace, 34 1/2 Inches



Multicolored Oval Bead Necklace, 34 1/2 Inches
Product Details
Long, 34 1/2 inches, oval bead necklace with all genuine Murano glass, handmade, multicolored Venetian beads; lamp worked beads made one-by-one under the flame in Venice, Italy.

Necklace has 21 large, Murano glass oval, art beads, that range in length from approximately 45 mm, to 39 mm, to 36mm, to the shortest length of 27mm.  

Some of the large ovals are "art beads": named in homage to artists: Monet, Klimt, Missoni, etc.

Many of these handmade, lamp worked beads are antique, Vintage, handmade in Italy, long ago.  I have saved these beads in my "collection" to make such a beautiful multicolored necklace.

The necklace has gold metallic bead caps, shiny gold seed beads, and is strung on durable accu-flex; professional quality beading wire, with 49 strands with the softest drape, for fashion jewelry.