"Fine" Millefiori 14mm Round



"Fine" Millefiori 14mm Round
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"Fine" Millefiori 14mm round, Murano glass beads. Each handmade bead is the finest Millefiori made in Murano. 
The beads are made by first melting, or lampworking, Murano glass onto the copper wire. Once the initial bead is formed, the artisan holds the bead in the flame and with tweezers, picks up small millefiori slices (also called murrinas), previously cut from millefiori canes, and places them directly on the heated center bead, covering the bead without leaving any space between each murrina. 
The Murano artisan then smooths and polishes the bead, obtaining the finest and highest quality beads that are envied by other bead makers. 
The complete making of these perfectly shiny beads is a secret, like many others in the workshops on the Murano island, and is jealously guarded in the family tradition.

Note:  Price is for 1 handmade Italian bead.