Lentils, 12-13mm with Foil



Lentils, 12-13mm with Foil
Product Details
 Lentils, small discs, with Foil, approximately 12 to13mm. We named these beads "Lentils" long, long ago...a name that is now used not only in Italy, but all over the bead industry. 
Since these lentils are handmade, one by one, under the flame, by the Italian glass artisan; then the shape is at the whim of the glass bead maker.  Some of these are puffier and some are a little flater; all are matched to the color you choose.

We've chosen the colors that we use most in our designs. 
All beads are handmade, Venetian glass beads and therefore will vary a little in size. 
All lentils have either 24 Karat Gold Foil, pure Silver Foil, or White Gold Foil, as specified.

Sorry, Sold Out of some colors of 12mm lentils; look at our other lentils; 14 to 15mm lentils.
Sold out of 12mm lentils in these colors:  
  2.  Aqua/ Gold Foil (Teal),  
  7. Dark Amethyst, Gold, Bronze