Vintage "Fiorato" Flowered, Red Venetian Bead Earrings



Vintage "Fiorato" Flowered, Red Venetian Bead Earrings
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Vintage,"Fiorato", flowered, Venetian bead dangle earrings to match "flowered" necklace style, N-31. These are old beads, some of the first beads we ever bought in Venice, Italy; hand made from Murano Glass. These are NOT copies or fake Fiorato beads made in China or India!

The lampwork beads are made one-by-one under the flame; the glass artisan starts with a Red Murano Glass cane (or rod), to make the base color; then uses red and white canes to make the pink roses; and next uses blue and yellow to make the flowers called, forget-me-knots.

Pick your choice of dangle attachments: posts, wires, or clips. Because of the high price of gold, we must add $3.00 to the costs of post earrings.