Handmade, Gold Fish shaped pendant, with 24 Karat Gold foil inside and crystal clear Venetian glass outside. $24.00


Round, Quartz watch with Millefiori (thousand flowers) crystal, of handmade Murano glass. Leather band. Choice of colors: Red, Black, Blue, Green, or Brown. Was $39.00 now $30.00

N-10 24 Karat Gold Foil and Crystal Necklace. Each 8mm handmade, Venetian bead is baroque in shape, with 24kt. gold foil inside, crystal clear Murano glass outside, accented with faceted crystal beads, and hand knotted. Lovely and lightweight.
20 Inches (51cm) - $39.00
30 Inches (76cm) - $55.00

N-11 24 Karat Gold foil, Red and Black Stripe Necklace. Handmade Venetian glass bead necklace, with 2 large oval beads, 33 x 14mm (1 3/8"); with 6 gold foil beads 14mm round with red and black stripes, 1 larger baroque round 16mm center bead with crystal clear glass over 24kt gold. Accented with 26 baroque round, gold foil crystal beads, and 18 red beads 10mm round. Hand knotted with decorative bead caps. This necklace is both bold and beautiful. Lots of beads for a great price!
30 Inches (76cm) - $69.00

N-12 24 Karat Gold Foil "Twist" Necklace. One of our best sellers; goes with everything. Handmade Venetian glass with 24kt gold foil inside and crystal clear Murano glass outside. Hand knotted.
21 Inches (53cm) - $49.00
30 Inches (76cm) - $69.00

Black Swirl
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Chocolate Swirl
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N-13 24 Karat Gold foil, Swirl Necklace. Swirls of colored Venetian glass over crystal clear glass, with 24kt gold foil inside; 4 rectangles (1 1/8" x 5/8"), 1 oval (28 x 15mm). Accented with 8mm baroque gold foil beads and black baroque Murano glass beads. This is an impressive necklace. Hand knotted. Available in two colors: either Black or Chocolate; and both colors are available in 2 lengths: Long, 31 Inches or the shorter 24 Inches.
24 In. (61cm) - $54.00
31 In. (81cm) - $75.00

N-14 "Satinato" (mat finish) Venetian bead necklace; combining 24 Karat Gold and Silver foil, with 8mm shiny, baroque bead accents. Hand Knotted.
32 in. (81cm) - $64.00


20mm Button earrings, Cabochon cut; available with 24 Karat Gold foil inside, or with pure Silver foil; crystal clear Venetian glass outside. Clips, or Posts: $26.00


20mm Button, "Swirl", Venetian glass earrings with 24 Karat Gold foil inside. These beautiful, handmade, earrings are cabochons (rounded on top, flat on the back), that fit against your ear lobe; with "Swirls" of Black, or Chocolate, or Red Murano glass over 24 Karat gold foil; surrounded with Crystal clear glass. Approximate size is 7/8 inch. Available in Posts or Clips for $26.00.


Twist shaped beads, with 24 karat gold foil inside, and crystal clear Venetian glass outside. These dangle earrings are both beautiful and elegant, with quality hand worked, wire-wrapping. Pictured with high quality, gold filled ear wires; not just gold plated. Also available with posts, or clips.
Shown in three sizes. Large,( beads only), measure approximately 1 1/4 inches, or 30mm: Earrings priced at $26.00.
Medium, (beads only), measure approximately 3/4 of an inch, or 20mm: Earrings priced at $24.00.
Small, (beads only), measure approximately 1/2 inch, or 16mm: Earrings priced at $22.00.


"Melon" beads, 12-14mm, (1/2 inch - 5/8 inch), baroque round, with 24 karat gold foil inside, and swirls of crystal clear, Venetian glass outside. Earrings are accented with quality wire wrapping, and clear crystals. Pictured with high quality, gold-filled ear wires; not just gold plate. Posts or Clips available. Earrings: $26.00


24 Karat gold foil, teardrop shaped, Venetian bead dangle earrings. The Venetian beads measure approximately 3/4 inch. The earrings are expertly wire-wrapped, and pictured with high quality gold-filled wires. Also available with posts or clips. $26.00


Round "Satinato", mat finish, Venetian beads, with 24 Karat gold foil inside, and crystal clear glass outside. Shown here in two bead sizes, of 14mm or 10mm round, with great wire wrapping craftsmanship, and gold-filled wires. Also available with posts or clips. 14mm Round Earrings: $28.00. 10mm Round Earrings: $26.00.


11mm (1/2 inch), Cube shaped, Venetian bead earrings, made with 24 Karat gold foil, and crystal clear glass. Earrings are wire-wrapped for added security and beauty. Pictured in high quality gold filled ear wires. Also available with posts or clips. $26.00


Round, "Swirl" Venetian glass Earrings with 24 Karat gold foil. These outstanding earrings are handmade with swirls of either Black, Chocolate, or Red, and then surrounded with crystal clear Murano glass. Earrings shown here are extremely well made with gold bead caps on top and bottom, wire wrapping, and high quality gold filled earring wires. Posts or Clips also available. On the "shopping cart" you have a choice of Color, and a choice of bead size: Large, 14mm round, $26.00; or Small, 10mm round, $24.00.


14mm Round Gold foil beads with Red and Black stripe. Each Venetian glass bead is handmade using 24 Karat gold foil, crystal clear, and red and black, Murano glass. The beads are accented with gold bead caps, skillfully wire wrapped, and shown here with gold filled earring wires. Also available on posts or clips. $26.00


Round, Gold foil Venetian beads with 24 Karat gold foil inside; shiny crystal clear glass on the outside. Each handmade, lampworked bead is made from the finest Murano glass. The earrings are masterfully wire wrapped, gold bead caps are added, and shown here with gold filled earring wires. Also available in posts or clips. Your choice of 14mm Round for $26.00; or 10mm Round for $24.00. (Not Shown: 12mm Round for $25.00).



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