Millefiori 8mm Necklaces, 44 Inches Long



Millefiori 8mm Necklaces, 44 Inches Long
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Millefiori Murano Glass, Venetian Beads, 44 Inch Necklace, 8mm Round Handmade Italian Beads, Handknotted, in 4 Background Colors: Black, Crystal Clear, Red, and Turquoise.

We have sold these handmade Millefiori beads for 40 years, since 1976. They are one of the two styles I started with...Millefiori beads and Fiorato beads; both of them are old style, original Venetian glass beads from Venice, Italy. They are made the same way today, as they were back then; one by one under the flame.

The necklace length that we picked for these necklaces is 44 inches, or 111.76 cm. This is a long length necklace; one that enables you to wear it long as a single strand, or as a double strand. If you have a small neck, you may even be able to wear it as a triple strand, and if you want another design, you can "knot it" in the front.

The 8mm round beads are accented with gold filigree bead caps; and the clasp is a gold lobster style spring clasp.