Millefiori 8mm Necklaces, 44 Inches Long, Black Background



Millefiori 8mm Necklaces, 44 Inches Long, Black Background
Product Details
Millefiori Murano Glass, Venetian Beads, 44 Inch Necklace, 8mm Round Handmade Italian Beads, Handknotted.
Millefiori necklace is Only available in black Murano glass background color.

We have sold these handmade Millefiori beads for 40 years, since 1976. They are one of the two styles I started with...Millefiori beads and Fiorato beads; both of them are old style, original Venetian glass beads from Venice, Italy. They are made the same way today, as they were back then; one by one under the flame.

The necklace length that we picked for these necklaces is 44 inches, or 111.76 cm. This is a long length necklace; one that enables you to wear it long as a single strand, or as a double strand. If you have a small neck, you may even be able to wear it as a triple strand, and if you want another design, you can "knot it" in the front.

The 8mm round beads are accented with gold filigree bead caps; and the clasp is a gold lobster style spring clasp.