12mm Clear Millefiori Round



12mm Clear Millefiori Round
Product Details
Genuine Murano glass, handmade Venetian beads from Venice, Italy.
These are old, Vintage beads from the back room of a premier Italian glass company.

The beads are old, Vintage from the 1970's.  Never worn, never used, in perfect condition.  
The size is 12mm round.  
The color is crystal clear Murano glass, with multicolored mosaic cane pieces, Millefiori, which translates to a thousand flowers.
No two beads are exactly alike, as they are handmade, one by one, under the flame in Venice, and are referred to as lamp worked beads.

We do not sell any Chinese or Indian copies, or imports.  We helped to start the "bead revolution" in the USA, in 1976.  These are authentic, genuine, real Murano glass and Venetian Beads.