10mm Blue 6 Layered Chevrons



10mm Blue 6 Layered Chevrons
Product Details
Old, Vintage, small, 10 mm blue Chevron barrel beads from the 1970s.
These are genuine Murano glass, handmade blue Chevrons, also referred to as Rosetta beads, African trade beads, and old 6 layered Chevrons.
Price is for 1 bead; minimum quantity sold is 4 beads.

The size is approximately 10 mm in length x 9 mm wide.  The bead hole size is 2 mm.
These old Chevron barrels have 6 layers.  
You count the layers from the colors, starting at the bead hole: white, blue, white, terracotta red, white, and blue.  
Note:  some vendors have old Chevron barrels, listed as 6 or 7 layers, but when you look at their photos, and count the colors of the layers, they are not there.  These beads definitely have 6 layers.

The blue Chevron beads are in excellent condition, never used, never worn, uncirculated, picked from the back room in Venice, Italy, of a premier Venetian bead company.