Monet Lentil Beads and 8mm Necklace



Monet Lentil Beads and 8mm Necklace
Product Details
"Monet's Lily Pad", necklace, made with Lentil shaped discs and 8mm round, blue silver foil, handmade Venetian Beads. Each lampworked 16mm disc shaped "Lentil" bead is made with pure silver foil, blue & violet Murano Glass, pink & white to make the roses, and green for the leaves. The 8mm round Venetian beads are handmade with periwinkle blue Murano glass, with pure silver foil inside, and crystal clear Murano glass on the outside.

Many layers of Murano glass are needed to make these time consuming "works of art". 
Necklace is accented with blue, faceted Swarovski crystals and silver beads caps.  Length is approximately 20 1/2 to 22 1/2 Inches, (52 - 57cm.) with large Sterling Silver clasp, and adjustable link chain.