Blue Chevron, Large Barrel Necklace, One of a Kind



Blue Chevron, Large Barrel Necklace, One of a Kind
Product Details
Vintage, Chevron, Venetian Trade Beads, Six Layered, Large Blue Chevron Beads, Murano Glass, One-of-a-Kind Necklace, approximately 20 1/2 inches.

Chevron, Venetian Trade Beads, Six Layered, Vintage, Large, Blue Chevron Beads with Smaller Chevron Beads, and Sterling Silver, One-of-a-Kind Necklace.

These large, blue Chevron beads are from my Vintage supply. I purchased them in Venice, Italy, many, many years ago. I just recently decided to use them in this One-of-a-Kind, designer necklace. 

The blue, large chevrons are hand made, and are six layered. You may know them by other names, such as "Rosetta" or "Star Beads", but "Chevron" is the name most often attributed to this bead.
The Chevron beads are drawn multi-layered glass; using blue, terracotta and white Murano Glass. Approximate age of the large blue Chevron beads is mid 20th century.

The overall condition of the Chevron beads is good to excellent, as I have been saving these beads in my personal collection.

The sizes of the 3 large, blue Chevron beads are as follows:
- The large center bead is approximately 34mm long x 22mm wide.
- The other two large Chevrons are each:  32mm long x 21mm wide
- There are 12 smaller, blue Chevron barrel shaped beads, that are approximately 12x8mm and 10x8mm.
- There are 6 Decorative sterling silver accent, 10mm beads with black "engraving" on the sides.
-  There are many blue, faceted crystals, and small, silver seed bead spacers on this necklace.
-  The blue Chevron necklace is finished with a large, decorative, sterling silver toggle clasp.

Please remember that small chips or pitting on the Chevrons, are a normal effect, due to their age, but, as you can see from the detailed photos, these are in very good condition.

This is a One of a Kind Necklace.