Klimt_ Adele, The Lady in Gold Necklace



Klimt_ Adele, The Lady in Gold Necklace
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Gustav Klimt's "Adele, The Lady in Gold" Murano glass pendant and cord necklace. This pendant is hand made of Murano glass, and is stamped "Murano Glass" on the back. The original art piece by Klimt, that this pendant is paying hommage to, was done in 1907; the model was an actual person, Mrs. Adele Bloch-Bauer. The disc pendant is approximately 55-56mm or 2-2 1/8 Inches, with a gold bale. The dark brown, (almost black), necklace cord is 19 Inches, or 48cm. You can buy and wear a "work of art" at a very low price!

Note: the white "reflection" line across the top of the face, is not on the actual pendant...it is just a result of the photo lighting.